Top Crypto To Buy: Checkout the 5 Cryptos Capable of Turning $100 to $1000 in Q2

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    The Bitcoin halving event, which happens once every four years, is such a big event in the crypto industry, given its significant positive impact on the price trends of top crypto coins in the market. Having successfully witnessed the 2024 edition of Bitcoin halving, it won’t be surprising to see some notable coins rising in value.

    There are tokens that have the substantial potential of triggering bullish momentum following the halving event. To prepare for the price gains that are now just around the corner, this article will highlight the top 5 cryptos investors should buy. These tokens include KangaMoon (KANG), Kaspa (KAS), Sui (SUI), Cosmos (ATOM), and Optimism (OP). Let’s find out why these tokens were chosen for bullish gains.

    KangaMoon (KANG) Soars in Presale as Thousands of Investors Join the Project

    KangaMoon (KANG) is introducing a revolutionary meme project that is poised to become one of the biggest platforms for meme enthusiasts. On full functionality, KangaMoon will become the top platform where meme enthusiasts can meet and interact through the SocialFi structure. Also, KangaMoon will be setting up a play-to-earn platform that will reward gamers with DeFivaluables that can be turned into cash.

    As a result of these qualities, over 20,000 members have registered on the KangaMoon platform. Also, with the imminent launch of the KangaMoon project, a lot of investors have been recorded buying the KANG governance token of the platform. So far, over 6,000 investors now have the token in their portfolio. Meanwhile, the KANG token has showcased its massive potential, having already generated over 290% growth so far.

    The token is projected to gain an additional 700% before the project is launched. In view of this potential, KangaMoon represents one of the top cryptos to buy in 2024. Currently, the KANG token trades at $0.0196. Traders have the opportunity to buy the KANG token at a relatively low price and position themselves for massive growth potential. Presale investors will also be getting a 10% bonus for every purchase of the KANG token.

    Alternatively, members of the KangaMoon platform can earn the KANG token by engaging in its social media campaigns. At the current trajectory, the KANG token is on course to become a blue-chip crypto. As such, investing in the project now could end up being the best crypto investment of 2024.

    Kaspa (KAS) Maintains Bullish Potential as Key Market Indicators Rises

    Despite the recent correction in the price of Kaspa (KAS), key market indicators are on a positive trajectory, which is a signal of imminent growth. For context, Kaspa has witnessed an over 10% drop in its price value over the last month. However, the recent decline of Kaspa has met resistance at $0.11 and is now on a positive rebound.

    With Kaspa’s trading volume also increasing by 35% on average daily growth, the token’s price value may soon trigger a significant uptrend. In view of the potential boost that the halving event will inject into the market, Kaspa could see significant growth that could surpass the newly set all-time price peak of $0.18. This makes the token one of the top cryptos to buy in Q2.

    Accessing Sui’s (SUI) Price Retracement and Future Potential

    The Sui (SUI) token has been one of the top-performing coins in Q1, given that it witnessed an all-time price peak of $2.18 in March. However, the start of April saw a significant downturn in Sui’s price trajectory. So far, the token has lost about 27% in value in the past 30 days. Despite the strong bear trend, Sui has maintained resistance above the $1 mark.

    Meanwhile, Sui’s trading volume has witnessed a significant uptrend in market activities. The token’s market activity has grown by 90% on a day-to-day average with a daily trading volume of over $466M. This significant increase in the Sui market activity highlights investor’s confidence in the project. It is a significant indicator of a potential bull run on the way. Also, with the bullish momentum that comes after Bitcoin’s halving, there’s a strong likelihood of a resurgence in the value of Sui in the coming days.

    Cosmos (ATOM) Current Bear Wave a Good Time to Invest

    Since Cosmos (ATOM) reached a year-to-date price peak of $14 in March, the token has undergone a notable bear trend. So far, the Cosmos bear trend has seen the price drop below two key support zones of $12 and $10 while battling to hold onto the $8 mark. Currently, investors are hoping that Cosmos will retest the $12 resistance trendline in the coming days.

    That could be the case given that the Cosmos trading volume and market cap is on the uptrend which could trigger a rally. Meanwhile, in light of the current bear trajectory of Cosmos, it’ll be a good crypto investment alternative to buy the dip and position for the potential uptrend that is likely to come in the next few days.

    Optimism (OP) to Maintain $2 Resistance Level as it Prepares for Significant Price Rally

    It will already be dawned on readers that the market is struggling with a bear trend across the industry, and Optimism (OP) is not an exception. Just recently in March, Optimism rose to an all-time high of $4.85. However, Optimism has been part of the tokens hit by the bear wave, which has seen the token renege into a significant price loss.

    Meanwhile, despite the dwindling price value, Optimism has held onto the $2 support level. Some analysts believe it is a positive development that will lead to a resurgence in the coming days. Once the market bounces back, Optimism price will likely breakthrough the $5 resistance zone which will lead to a massive rally.  As such, now might be the best time to buy the dip before the imminent rally. Above all, Optimism is a top crypto to buy for massive profits in Q2.


    With Bitcoin’s halving event of 2024 now history, investors will be hoping to capitalize on the bullish momentum that the event’s ripple effect will bring. The tokens, as mentioned above, stand significant chances of witnessing an uptrend in the coming days. Meanwhile, KangaMoonstands out given that it offers traders the opportunity to be part of a unique project capable of returning massive profits in the coming weeks.

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