Top 8 Gaming YouTubers: Subscribe Today! 2024

    Step into the world of YouTube gaming, where the biggest talents will shine! We’re counting down the Top 8 Gaming YouTubers for 2024. These are the people who play games, make videos about them, and have attracted millions of followers with their ability and enthusiasm. Prepare to meet the coolest players and discover the awesome games they enjoy!

    1. Mikecrack – 49.1M Subscribers

    Gaming Youtubers

    Mikecrack, based in Spain, started his channel in 2015. He spends a lot of time creating stuff for Minecraft, Fortnite, Free Fire, and Roblox. While he occasionally reveals his face on his channel, viewers generally see him as an animated dog that he superimposes on his character’s face when uploading gaming videos.

    He spends a lot of time exploring Minecraft’s many caves and cliffs, and he always tries to make jokes to keep the audience engaged. Mikecrack’s channel is renowned for his dog character, Mike. The cartoon doggie resembles a cuter version of Jake from Adventure Time but speaks with the enthusiasm of a young gamer who is simply thrilled to be playing his favorite games.

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    2. Jacksepticeye – 30.7M Subscribers

    Top 8 Gaming Youtubers: Subscribe Today!Top 8 Gaming Youtubers: Subscribe Today!

    Sean William McLoughlin, an Irish YouTuber, runs the Jacksepticeye channel. He joined YouTube in 2007, however he officially started his channel in 2012. Since then, he’s amassed over 5.1 million videos and 30 million subscribers.

    Jacksepticeye’s specialty includes deep-dive analyses of popular games like Among Us and Resident Evil. His content is frequently amusing, so be prepared to fail his “try not to laugh” tasks!

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    3. DanTDM – 28.6M Subscribers

    Top 8 Gaming Youtubers: Subscribe Today!Top 8 Gaming Youtubers: Subscribe Today!

    DanTDM’s channel, led by the ever-charming Daniel Middleton, covers a wide range of games, with a particular emphasis on the popular sandbox game Minecraft.

    DanTDM’s channel revolves around his fascinating Minecraft adventures. Dan’s innovative games and infectious excitement fascinate audiences of all ages, whether he is building spectacular structures or embarking on dangerous missions. But Minecraft is only the beginning. Dan also plays a variety of other games, ranging from action-packed titles like Fortnite to amusing indie gems.

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    4. VanossGaming – 25.9M Subscribers

    Top 8 Gaming Youtubers: Subscribe Today!Top 8 Gaming Youtubers: Subscribe Today!

    VanossGaming, led by Evan Fong, is an icon of YouTube gaming culture. Evan’s channel, with over 25 million subscribers, is a gaming powerhouse. What distinguishes VanossGaming is its emphasis on multiplayer gameplay, with Evan and his friends participating in a wide range of games, from blockbuster titles like GTA V and Call of Duty to more specialized experiences like Prop Hunt.
    Aside from the laughs, VanossGaming also provides as a platform for innovation and community involvement. Evan frequently works with other YouTubers, which fosters connection in the gaming community.

    5. Ninja – 23.9M Subscribers

    Top 8 Gaming Youtubers: Subscribe Today!Top 8 Gaming Youtubers: Subscribe Today!

    Ninja’s YouTube channel is the epicenter of gaming expertise and fun, with more than 23 million subscribers. This channel, led by the legendary Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, is a destination for both esports and gaming fans.

    Ninja builds a lively and inclusive gaming community by hosting engaging live broadcasts, instructive sessions, and exciting collaborations with fellow creators, making fans feel like they’re part of something bigger.

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    6. LazarBeam – 21.8M Subscribers

    Top 8 Gaming Youtubers: Subscribe Today!Top 8 Gaming Youtubers: Subscribe Today!

    LazarBeam’s YouTube channel is an explosion of gaming madness, hilarious talent, and wild pranks that keep millions of viewers fixed to their screens. LazarBeam, led by the sarcastic and charismatic Lannan Eacott, creates content that is a rollercoaster of comedy, adrenaline, and pure entertainment.

    At its core, LazarBeam’s channel is all about gaming, with a focus on popular titles like Fortnite, Minecraft, and Among Us. Whether he’s performing incredible trick shots, fighting in tough fights, or going on wild adventures with companions, LazarBeam’s gameplay films demonstrate his unmatched ability and creativity.

    7. Ali-A – 18.9M Subscribers

    Top 8 Gaming Youtubers: Subscribe Today!Top 8 Gaming Youtubers: Subscribe Today!

    Ali-A’s YouTube channel focuses on gaming pleasure and excitement! Ali-A, better known as Alastair Aiken, has over 18 million followers and takes you on fascinating adventures in popular games such as Fortnite, Call of Duty, and more.

    His videos are jam-packed with action-packed gaming, fascinating tips and tricks, and interesting tasks that will keep you engaged from beginning to end. Ali-A’s positive attitude and genuine passion make every video entertaining to watch.

    But it isn’t all about the games! Ali-A also provides updates, news, and insights into the gaming world, keeping you up to date on all the latest developments.

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    8. CoryxKenshin – 18.2M Subscribers

    Top 8 Gaming Youtubers: Subscribe Today!Top 8 Gaming Youtubers: Subscribe Today!

    CoryxKenshin’s channel is built around his enthusiasm for gaming, specifically horror games. Cory bravely goes into haunting titles, sharing his thrilling experiences with his audience. However, Cory’s work is more than just scares; he mixes each video with his typical comedy, genuine reactions, and encouraging messages, resulting in an engaging and pleasurable viewing experience.


    As we’ve explored the top gaming YouTube channels, it’s clear that their success originates not only from their gaming skills, but also from their ability to inspire a sense of belonging as well as fellowship in their followers. Whether through interactive fan involvement, positive messaging, or generous efforts, these creators have transformed their channels into thriving sources of entertainment, humor, and inspiration.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do gaming YouTubers grow their channels?

    Gaming YouTubers grow their channels by consistently uploading high-quality content, engaging with their audience through comments and social media, collaborating with other creators, optimizing their videos for search engines, and staying up-to-date with gaming trends.

    Can anyone become a gaming YouTuber?

    Yes, anyone with a passion for gaming and the willingness to create and share content can become a gaming YouTuber.

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