Top 10 Change Management Software Solutions 2024

    Change management software is a technology that assists businesses in monitoring and enhancing the process of managing change. It is the process of managing changes to code, papers, or requirements. This procedure is also known as configuration management. In this article, we will look at a list of the top 10 Change Management Software and its features.

    What is Change Management Software?

    Change management software is a specialist application that helps to streamline the process of effectively managing organizational changes. It provides a centralized platform for submitting, reviewing, and approving change requests. These solutions frequently automate operations, ensuring that the correct review and approval procedures are regularly followed.

    They also provide services like documentation and knowledge management, allowing organizations to keep all necessary information, policies, and procedures linked to changes in a single repository. Communication and collaboration tools provide smooth contact between stakeholders in the change management process, promoting transparency and alignment.

    Best Change Management Software

    1. Jira

    Change Management Software

    Jira Service Management offers IT operations teams the tools they need to reduce risk and make smarter decisions. The solution provides IT operations teams with a more detailed understanding of changes, team members engaged, and the tasks connected with the change.

    You can rely on Jira Service Management to identify whether a change can be auto-approved due to low risk or requires additional approval due to high risk. You can also build approval pipelines based on existing procedures, risks, and types of changes.

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    2. SolarWinds

    Top 10 Change Management Software SolutionsTop 10 Change Management Software Solutions

    SolarWinds provides a platform that automates, simplifies, and controls the process of IT change management for enterprises of all types. The platform enables robust integration of IT ticketing and change management. As a result, you have a single platform that can manage all of your activities flawlessly, with no change request loss.

    The website allows you to create several types of tickets, which may be linked via email for easy distribution. SolarWinds is more than just a ticketing platform; it also allows for panel voting. This gives IT administrators the option of automatically establishing a list of change advisory board members, making the process of selecting approval levels straightforward.

    3. Gensuite

    Top 10 Change Management Software SolutionsTop 10 Change Management Software Solutions

    Gensuite Change Management Software will assist you in managing processes, compliance, and risks associated with operational changes. The system simplifies the change management process.

    Changes in operations, equipment, and personnel are all related with possible risks. EHS and functional teams must identify and manage potential hazards and compliance needs, which this software can help with.

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    4. ServiceDesk Plus

    Top 10 Change Management Software SolutionsTop 10 Change Management Software Solutions

    ServiceDesk Plus is a full-featured ITSM package with integrated ITAM and CMBD capabilities. The PinkVerify-certified IT change management feature in ServiceDesk Plus enables IT teams to implement changes with lowest risk by developing change procedures using a visual workflow designer.

    Custom change roles, change templates, and a Change Advisory Board (CAB) enable IT teams to develop change implementation processes that are tailored to their specific business requirements.

    The change management module in ServiceDesk Plus also integrates with other essential processes such as asset management and a CMDB, allowing for better risk assessment and change implementation planning.

    5. Freshservice

    Top 10 Change Management Software SolutionsTop 10 Change Management Software Solutions

    Freshservice stands out as a change management software because it provides a structured platform to assist IT teams in planning, implementing, and monitoring change processes inside their organization. It provides a single system for managing all change requests, ensuring that any changes to IT infrastructure or services are documented, assessed, and executed in an orderly manner.

    One of Freshservice’s primary benefits as a change management solution is its capacity to promote communication among IT team members, stakeholders, and decision-makers.

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    6. SysAid

    Top 10 Change Management Software SolutionsTop 10 Change Management Software Solutions

    SysAid is an ITSM platform that includes capabilities for controlling and managing change requests based on ITIL best practices. The change management software includes pre-configured workflow templates for various change scenarios, making it easier to plan, consider, approve, and execute changes. Users can also develop their own change process templates. It is possible to create many levels of authorization and risk evaluation.

    7. Giva

    Top 10 Change Management Software SolutionsTop 10 Change Management Software Solutions

    Giva’s UX is intuitive and user-friendly, from change planning to follow-up and compliance assessments after the program. Defined ITIL processes accelerate approval and document management, dashboards and notifications keep everyone on the same page, and thorough records of all IT changes provide long-term visibility into code and configuration changes across the enterprise.

    Giva is primarily designed for IT change control, which means it is best suited for larger enterprises wishing to better manage and navigate software implementation, application updates, server upgrades, system patches, and so on.

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    8. ChangeGear

    Top 10 Change Management Software SolutionsTop 10 Change Management Software Solutions

    ChangeGear is a standard ITIL-based change management software that uses advanced automation and controls to manage the change and release process in one simple interface.

    This change management software is designed for multiple roles, including DevOps, IT, and business. ChangeGear Change Manager minimizes bottlenecks for DevOps, limits risks in IT, and manages NERC/CIP, FDA CFR 21, or PCI compliance.

    9. ChangeCompass

    Top 10 Change Management Software SolutionsTop 10 Change Management Software Solutions

    The Change Compass is a collection of six tools with major features intended to handle various areas of change management procedures. The change commitment dashboard allows customers to monitor staff involvement levels, track progress, and identify potential difficulties. The Change Compass automatically aggregates data to produce even more detailed reports, allowing users to make more informed decisions.

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    10. TOPdesk

    Top 10 Change Management Software SolutionsTop 10 Change Management Software Solutions

    IT departments are frequently faced with executing changes. Topdesk’s change management solutions can help IT departments organize their entire process. TOPdesk enables IT teams to automate their operations, set clear timelines for change stakeholders, easily monitor planning, and build convenient to-do lists to ensure that everything runs well.


    Finally, change management software is an essential tool for firms looking to successfully negotiate and implement organizational changes. By offering a single platform for submitting, reviewing, and accepting change requests, these products expedite workflows and assure consistency in the change management process. Organizations may examine the ramifications of proposed changes and cooperate smoothly across teams by using capabilities like documentation management, communication tools, and change effect analysis.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What are the key benefits of using change management software?

    Change management software provides advantages such as faster change procedures, improved cooperation, increased insight into changes, less disruptions, and compliance with regulatory standards.

    Is change management software suitable for all types of organizations?

    Yes, change management software works for businesses of all sizes and sectors. It simplifies complex procedures, improves collaboration, productivity, and compliance while remaining adaptable and configurable to fit the demands of various organizations.

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