The day the world woke up and realised that Bitcoin could save it

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    The vast majority of people still sit on ‘money’ in the bank, completely unaware of how it is a melting ice cube. Bitcoin is hard money, meaning that it is scarce and cannot be printed into existence at the whim of central banks. The day is coming when people will realise that Bitcoin can save them – but how long before that penny drops?

    For those of us who know about Bitcoin, and who are aware of the perils of fiat currency, you probably wonder how it is that relatively few people also have this knowledge. 

    Poverty is increasing

    You look at the prices in your local supermarket. Everyone must surely realise that prices have gone up at a ridiculous rate over the past few years. Perhaps everyone just thinks, as they are told by the mainstream media, that it is something to do with inflation, and that this has undoubtedly been caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, among other reasons.

    If you live in the UK you could wander down your local highstreet or into your local shopping mall, and wonder at all the shuttered businesses that have begun to appear with alarming frequency. Unless you live in a very affluent area, your highstreet possibly looks rather seedy and downtrodden – perhaps an indicator of increasing poverty and coming recession.

    Banks pay very low interest on your money

    Those with money in the bank might wonder at the ridiculously low rate of interest that is paid on current accounts, and the rather insignificant amount paid on savings accounts. But, most people just shrug their shoulders and believe that it’s just how it is.

    Besides, in all those advertisements for British banks, the bank staff always look incredibly friendly, and the advertisements tell of wonderful savings accounts that can be opened, and the fabulous work that their bank is doing to improve its services to customers.

    You could lose 50% of your wealth in next 10 years

    Does anybody question that what their money makes in interest in their bank falls miles short of what is needed for that money to keep up with inflation and the debasement caused by central bank money printing?

    Real inflation (not the constantly manipulated figures that governments publish) can be anything from 5 to 10% a year. With the economy as it is, this is not going to improve. Therefore, within ten years the average person could lose around 50% of their purchasing power. Since 2020, and all the money printing that took place at the time of the pandemic, the British pound has lost around 30% of its value.

    All this said, the average British person will probably just shrug their shoulders, tighten their belt, stiffen their upper lip, and carry on as best they can. The government knows best, and what do I know about banks? Who cares anyway?

    Wealthy people have assets

    Failure to act in these current times is tantamount to allowing you and your family to sink into the poverty that is overcoming the British Isles, and also most other countries across the world.

    Wealthy people, and those who have educated themselves on the current perilous economic situation, have invested in assets. If you have real estate, gold, fine art, etc., at the very least you are protecting your wealth from decreasing. However, if you are poor, you probably live paycheck to paycheck, and therefore any money you have is either in your pocket or in the bank.

    It is extremely likely that both you and your partner work, and that also, even though you are both on the hamster wheel, you are unable to pay off that credit card debt or that car loan. As fast as you can earn it, the fiat-based system takes it away from you.

    How long will it take before people wake up and realise this? How long can mainstream media continue to muddy the waters and make excuses for the terrible times that we are descending into?

    There is a lifeline

    However, there is a lifeline. Your bank will do its utmost to stop you buying it, and your government will try to block all the on and off ramps to any exchanges where you can buy it.

    That lifeline is Bitcoin. According to the mainstream media, and any leaders of traditional finance institutions, Bitcoin is a scam. It is used to launder money for terrorists and also for drug cartels. Their advice would be to avoid it like the plague unless you wanted to lose everything that you put into it.

    Bitcoin is thousands of percent up against your currency

    Source: Coingecko/TradingView

    Besides the fact that Bitcoin runs on blockchain, and that it is transparent, they don’t tell you that against the British pound for example, Bitcoin is up 158,000%, and that’s just from 2015. Against the S&P 500, Bitcoin is up 12,000% since 2014, and even against gold, Bitcoin is up 53,000% since 2015.

    You will never see these figures emblazoned across any mainstream media platforms. Instead, you will have to resort to bringing up this information on a platform such as TradingView. Only those trading stocks, cryptocurrencies, or other financial assets would generally use this platform.

    Finance leaders misinform the public

    Financial luminaries such as Jamie Dimon (CEO of J P Morgan Chase bank) replied to questions on Bitcoin at the Davos World Economic Forum around a year ago, saying that it was a “pet rock”, and that Satoshi Nakamoto, the founder and creator of Bitcoin, would suddenly appear and “take it (his Bitcoin) out and use it to buy dollars”.

    If it were not for the fact that Dimon is the CEO of the largest bank in the US, such a puerile and ridiculous comment would not be taken seriously. However, we are still in the world where these kinds of people can make such statements, and where they will be slavishly reported all across the Western world’s media.

    Throw off the shackles

    In the opaque and misinforming system that we live within, it takes a bit of work to throw off the shackles and arrive at the realisation that your wealth is being bled out of you by governments, international finance agencies, and banks.

    By buying Bitcoin you are opting out of this crushing and unfair system. The sooner you do your homework on bitcoin, and educate yourself on how it is eating every other financial asset in the world, the sooner you can start to protect yourself. Will you be one of the first to wake up and realise that Bitcoin can save you?

    Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

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