Open Source Takes Over AI: New Wave of LLMs 2024

    Open Source software refers to software whose codebase and details are available online. Developers can easily contribute to these projects by adding features, fixing bugs, and more. Many AI companies have recently developed open-source LLMs like Stable Diffusion, Llama by Meta, Mistral, etc. These models are as good as GPT-4 and other paid tools and perform better. This newsletter will cover the most significant developments in open-source tools, encompassing cutting-edge research, strategic partnerships, and the expanding frontiers of AI-powered creativity.


    Trending News of the Week

    Databricks launched DBRX

    This week, Databricks unveiled DBRX, an open-source LLM that prioritizes efficiency and collaboration. This introduction holds promise for businesses seeking to leverage AI for data analysis and unlock new avenues of insight. Claude 3, a chatbot developed by Anthropic AI, surpassed OpenAI’s highly anticipated GPT-4 in a recent benchmark in a noteworthy shift. This event highlights the rapid advancements in chatbot technology and the emergence of new players challenging established names.

    Open Source Takes Over Ai: New Wave Of LlmsOpen Source Takes Over Ai: New Wave Of Llms

    Amazon Biggest Investment

    The e-commerce giant Amazon has invested $2.75 billion in the Antrophic to complete their investment of $4 billion in the company. Antrohpic is the company that developed the Claude series of LLMs, one of the best LLMs in the market. The partnership between Amazon and Anthropic AI sparked discussions about Amazon’s potential contribution to AI development. While the collaboration promises advancements in AI research, concerns regarding AWS potentially becoming the dominant cloud platform for AI development, hindering competition and innovation, have emerged.

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    Apple Gears Up for WWDC with an AI Focus

    Rumors swirling around the upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) suggest a heavy focus on AI integrations within iOS 18. This could mean a major upgrade for Siri, AI-powered features in iMessage, and even personalized music playlists curated by AI in Apple Music. The love for AI doesn’t stop there – whispers hint at AI enhancements for iWork apps and developer tools within Xcode.

    Open Source Takes Over Ai: New Wave Of LlmsOpen Source Takes Over Ai: New Wave Of Llms

    Open AI Teases GPT-V

    OpenAI is buzzing up excitement in the AI world with whispers of their next big thing: GPT-V. This successor to their popular GPT-4 model promises to be even more impressive, boasting enhanced skills in text generation, language translation, and even creating computer code. Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, hints that GPT-V might be so powerful it could blur the lines between human and machine capabilities in these areas. While still under development, OpenAI anticipates releasing this groundbreaking LLM (Large Language Model) later this year.

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    AI-Powered Creativity Takes Flight

    Recently, Open AI moved to Hollywood to show a glimpse of AI in filmmaking and the role of their newly launched text-to-video generator, Sora. Filmmakers are exploring the creative potential of OpenAI’s Sora, a text-to-video model. Early results are impressive, showcasing captivating short films generated entirely through AI prompts. Sora is currently one of the best text-to-video generators out there, and a new short film posted on X(formally Twitter), created entirely using Sora and other AI tools, showcases its potential in the film industry. This will open doors for innovative storytelling techniques and a potential revolution in the filmmaking industry.

    Click here to watch the short film.

    Open Source Takes Center Stage

    Devika, a new open-source AI software engineer, aims to rival Devin AI, the world’s first AI software engineer, launched by Cognition AI. This development fosters competition, potentially leading to more accessible and affordable AI development tools, ultimately democratizing the field for a broader range of users.

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    Open Source Takes Over Ai: New Wave Of LlmsOpen Source Takes Over Ai: New Wave Of Llms

    AI Hardware Landscape: A Shift in Power Dynamics

    Major AI hardware vendors are allying to challenge Nvidia’s dominance in the market. This collaboration could lead to a more diverse and competitive landscape, benefiting businesses and researchers through innovative hardware options and potentially lower development costs.

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    Trending AI Tools

    • Eleven Labs (Click here to try)
      An AI text-to-speech tool that helps users to generate multiple kinds of voices.
    • Addy AI (Click here to try)
      An AI tool that helps users manage their emails by composing and replying to them.
    • (Click here to try)
      An AI Tool that helps users write tailored content such as SEO blog posts, marketing slogans, product descriptions, etc.
    • (Click here to try)
      An AI tool that helps the users to generate music.
    • (Click here to try)
      It is like a ChatGPT for PDF files. This tool helps users summarise PDFs and ask questions related to them.

    Prompt of the Week

    Anthropic recently launched Claude 3, a revolutionary chatbot that outperforms existing models like GPT-4 in performance and output generation. Claude 3 boasts several new features compared to its predecessor, including an expanded token set, enhanced computer vision capabilities, and improved coding output. Today, we’ll explore one of its new features, which utilizes machine learning to convert rough wireframes into fully functional websites based on the provided prompt.


    Open Source Takes Over Ai: New Wave Of LlmsOpen Source Takes Over Ai: New Wave Of Llms

    Website Login Page

    Open Source Takes Over Ai: New Wave Of LlmsOpen Source Takes Over Ai: New Wave Of Llms

    Job Listings

    • DevOps Engineer, Mistral AI (Click here to apply)
      Mistral AI is a European strategy that mainly works in training large generative models to provide them to the industry. The company has recently launched its open-source LLM, beating GPT-4 and others on the benchmark. The company is seeking its first DevOps Engineer who can easily collaborate with AI/ML engineers and researchers to develop and implement a CI/CD that enables safe and reproducible experiments with an industry experience of more than 3+ years. The candidate should also have expertise in developing and maintaining containerization systems using tools like Docker and Kubernetes.
    • Aviation Fleet Engineer, Shield AI (Click here to apply)
      Shield AI is an aerospace company that develops aircraft and drones with AI integration. Shield AI is developing the world’s first AI pilot, Hivemind, for the fighter jet F-16. The company is looking for an Aviation Fleet Engineer with more than 5+ years of expertise in the required fields. The candidate’s main work will be developing an engineering reach-back capability for internal and external V-Bat(landing drone) customers.
    • Mechanical Engineer, Shield AI(Click here to apply)
      Shield AI is seeking a Mechanical Engineer who can analyze designs, including hand calculations, CAD, and FEA. The candidate must have a degree in Aerospace Engineering or Mechanical Engineering and one year of experience in the design and development of mechanical systems.

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