NEAR Protocol set for price consolidation, Solana AI alternative magnetizes big investors

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    As we continue to see volatility in the crypto market, the NEAR Protocol finds itself at a critical juncture. 

    The recent movement in its Relative Strength Index (RSI) has ignited a debate about the future movement of this top altcoin powering a robust blockchain platform. Meanwhile, an emerging Solana AI alternative, InQubeta, is drawing the gaze of significant investors with a top ICO performance that has exceeded all expectations.

    NEAR Protocol on the brink of consolidation

    The NEAR Protocol, a favorite for its speedy performance and community focus, is seeing some interesting shifts in the market. For the first time since the chilly days of late November, its RSI has dipped below 70, hinting that the market’s previous heat is cooling off a bit. This doesn’t necessarily mean things are taking a nosedive, but it does suggest we’re entering a calmer stretch of market activity.

    What’s catching the eyes, though, is NEAR’s daily transaction count, which recently hit a new ATH. 

    Against the backdrop of a stabilizing price range, this resurgence in activity points towards a foundational strength within the NEAR ecosystem. However, the appearance of a death cross in the EMA lines cannot be ignored, often heralded as a precursor to bearish trends. This technical indicator might suggest that NEAR is on the cusp of a market sentiment shift, possibly entering a period of price consolidation.

    InQubeta (QUBE): Connecting AI innovations to crypto investments

    In a world buzzing with cautious optimism and crypto tech tweaks, InQubeta is making waves as a game-changer in the AI and crypto scene. Here’s the scoop: InQubeta is all about shaking up the investment game by letting people with even a little capital get a piece of the action in hot AI startups. Until now, this was a playground for the big guns with fat wallets, but InQubeta is opening the doors wide to everyone.

    What’s really appealing about InQubeta is how it’s using NFTs. Instead of just being digital art, these NFTs represent real stakes in AI companies, offering a clear and fair way for investors to jump on board the AI train. It’s a win-win: startups get the cash injection they need, and the small investor can ride the growth wave alongside them.

    Looking ahead, InQubeta’s not slowing down. They’ve got big plans to launch an NFT marketplace, swap services, and even kickstart their own DAO. They’re also eyeing expansion across blockchain networks by 2024, aiming to stitch together a more connected and seamless blockchain world.

    Talking about that presale – it’s been off the charts! They’ve already raised over $13.4 million, and it’s clear that big investors are eager to get in before this thing takes off post-launch. With the potential for prices to skyrocket, it’s no wonder everyone is scrambling to get their piece of this top ICO.

    The crypto market is buzzing at a fascinating crossroads. NEAR Protocol is steadying itself, finding its place in the shifting landscape. InQubeta, a newcomer poised as a Solana AI alternative, is grabbing investor attention by combining AI and decentralized finance in exciting new ways. 

    As NEAR gets nearer to a solid consolidation phase, InQubeta is preparing for a launch that may beef up the price of QUBE significantly. A lot of events are waiting to unfold in the crypto arena, as we are in for a treat in the post-halving period. As an investing basic, one should not flow with the trend without conducting due diligence. This can go a long way in making informed decisions.

    To learn more about this project, visit the InQubeta presale or join the community.

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