Morpher Review: An In-Depth Analysis

    This Morpher Review should provide a comprehensive overview of the trading platform claiming to revolutionize the trading and investing markets. In this review, we take a closer look at the platform’s user experience and find it highly praised among users.

    We also delved into the platform’s offerings, such as its seamless deposit process and zero fees. Safety measures were also found to be top-notch. The customer support team was responsive and helpful.

    Morpher stands out with its advanced trading features and user-friendly interface compared to traditional trading platforms.

    However, it’s worth noting that the platform is currently unavailable in certain countries, including the United States, and language support is limited to English and Russian.

    Morpher is worth considering for traders, as it offers a better trading experience in almost every dimension compared to traditional exchanges.

    About Morpher

    Morpher is a trading platform that aims to make global financial markets accessible to everyone. The platform was founded in 2018, has surpassed over 1 million trades and currently offers over 700 tradable assets in various markets.

    Currently the main tradable markets are Stocks, Cryptocurrencies, Commodities, Forex, NFT Collections and Indices. The platform is suitable for both beginners and experienced traders.

    The startup claims to have rebuilt financial markets from the ground up on the blockchain. For that reason, Morpher provides various innovative features not available on other platforms.

    These features include trading 24/7, fractional trading, infinite liquidity, no counterparties, and zero fees. As smart contracts run the platform, it cuts out the middleman, like brokers, investment advisors and exchanges.

    Uniquely, on Morpher, there are no counterparties either. Hypothetically, anything with a reliable, real-time data feed can be turned into a tradable market on Morpher.

    These immense benefits, which the startup provides for traders, also attracted Tim Draper, one of the most reputable investors on the planet.

    Along with two other VCs, Apex Ventures and RTP Global, his fund invested $6 Million in the Morpher Protocol as he genuinely believes in the mission of Morpher’s deeply technical and visionary team. Tim Draper says that Morpher is creating infinite wealth.

    “Free markets are awesome, and liquidity creates wealth. Morpher is creating infinite wealth!” – Tim Draper.

    Morpher ReviewMorpher Review
    Morpher Review

    User Experience on Morpher

    Morpher is making it easy for experienced and novice traders to navigate the platform. Everything is very intuitive, from opening a trading account to making a trade and withdrawing.

    The one part that might not be intuitive at first, is that Morpher offers a unique feature that sets it apart from traditional platforms: it uses its native cryptocurrency, MPH, for all trades.

    This means that users must convert their deposits to MPH instead of trading in traditional currencies like the US dollar or euro. While this may be unfamiliar to some, this is what actually enables infinite liquidity and eliminates the need for counterparties.

    To understand MPH, Morpher offers a dedicated help center where users can find more information and resources to assist them in their trading experience. The help center was valuable resource when we wanted to know more about specific details.

    Furthermore, Morpher is designed with the user in mind and offers curated market lists and ideas of trending assets to help beginners navigate the platform and start trading.

    Morpher Review: An In-Depth AnalysisMorpher Review: An In-Depth Analysis

    Morpher’s watchlist feature is another aspect that enhances the user experience for traders. This feature allows traders to keep track of their favorite assets in one convenient location.

    The watchlist provides an overview of the most recent price developments and allows traders to quickly access price action.

    Morpher Review: An In-Depth AnalysisMorpher Review: An In-Depth Analysis

    Next, let us discuss the trading charts as this is where you will spend most of your time.

    The platform offers two main views, “Basic” and “Advanced,” catering to traders at different levels of expertise.

    The “Basic” view is ideal for beginners while the “Advanced” view is suited for traders who want to engage in price action trading and work with indicators such as Bollinger Bands.

    The platform also allows traders to easily manage risks and rewards through the use of Stop Loss and Take Profit orders. This feature is a valuable addition to the trading experience, helping traders to protect their positions from significant losses.

    In addition, Morpher offers up to 10x leverage for traders who feel confident about taking extra risk in return for higher gains. This can significantly impact potential profits and is a great feature for experienced traders.

    Morpher Review: An In-Depth AnalysisMorpher Review: An In-Depth Analysis

    Finally, let us show you three more things that greatly enhance the user experience:

    1. Competitions: The platform regularly launches competitions across all asset classes. The winner gets 200.000 MPH, which at previous peaks was around $6000. The competitions are fun and a great way to stay motivated and outsmart other traders.
    2. Trading Statistics: these statistics provide neat insight into what your peers are trading. That can always give some excellent indication of the current trends because, as they say, “The Trend is Your Friend to the End.”
    3. Staking: This feature is definitely unfamiliar to users of traditional trading platforms. It is a tokenomics feature of a cryptocurrency platform that allows you to earn interest on your coins. On Morpher, the Staking Reward or interest is 11% per year. So in the worst case, without making a trade, you can earn 11% per year on your capital in MPH terms.

    Note: Cryptocurrency staking is a process whereby holders of a particular cryptocurrency can earn rewards for holding that cryptocurrency. Staking is similar to earning interest on a savings account.

    By locking up a certain amount of the cryptocurrency for some time, the holder will be rewarded with additional cryptocurrency for doing so. This process is done to maintain the integrity of the blockchain and incentivize users to participate in the network.

    Morpher Review: Fees and Deposit Options


    Morpher is making a splash in the industry with its unique zero-fee trading model. Unlike traditional trading platforms that rely on fees revenues, Morpher does not charge any trading fees. This is a rare feature among trading platforms with comparable functionality.

    While some decentralized crypto protocols offer zero-fee trading, they often lack the functionality provided by Morpher. The platform’s ability to offer zero fees is because it utilizes smart contracts on the blockchain to settle trades automatically, eliminating the need for intermediaries.

    Furthermore, Morpher has no hidden costs or additional fees, making it a transparent and cost-effective option for traders. This is a huge advantage for traders who want to maximize their profits and minimize trading costs.

    Morpher’s zero-fee trading model is a unique feature that sets it apart from traditional trading platforms and even some decentralized crypto protocols.

    One reason Morpher can have zero-fee trading is that their business model is different from other competitors, who rely upon charging the user with transaction fees. Morpher’s only source of revenue is the reward for operating the protocol.

    Morpher receives 0.015% of the total MPH token supply in newly minted token daily. That compounds to about 5.6% newly minted MPH token per year.


    There are a variety of options for Deposits on Morpher. From depositing fiat currencies like US Dollar, Euro, and the British Pound (3.5% Deposit Fee) to all significant cryptocurrencies and stablecoins (1% Deposit Fee).

    Morpher Review: An In-Depth AnalysisMorpher Review: An In-Depth Analysis

    Here are some things to notice in this section. We recommend depositing via PayPal, as you get a 10% Bonus if you do so. The only setback with PayPal is that you must keep your funds on the platform for six months due to regulatory constraints.

    A direct transfer is the best option if you do not like that option and perhaps already own cryptocurrency. Here, pick a chain like Polygon where Gas Fees are low.

    Overall, the deposit process always worked seamlessly. Your funds are available immediately, and you can start trading.

    Is Morpher Safe?

    Morpher Review: Wallet and Funds

    Safety is one of the most important features every trading platform should provide. A lack of protection could lead to severe consequences, as in the case of FTX, where customer funds have been mismanaged.

    Luckily, at Morpher, this is not possible. On this platform, you are trading via a non-custodial Wallet, and thus own your funds. Morpher cannot seize your funds, no matter what, unlike traditional platforms.

    Sidenote: A non-custodial crypto wallet is a type of cryptocurrency wallet where the user has sole ownership and control of the private keys to access the wallet.

    This is amazing because it gives users full control over their funds and eliminates the risk of their funds being compromised by a third-party.

    You can connect to Morpher via a classic Metamask Wallet or use the Morpher non-custodial wallet. Morpher takes security as its number one priority and gives you all the power over your funds, unlike most other trading platforms.

    Tip:´Get started with a Morpher Wallet as a beginner. You can use simple recovery methods and double security with two-factor authentication.

    Data Protection and Privacy

    Morpher falls under EU regulations, as the company is located in Austria. Hence, the company is regulated by the GDPR standard. All your personal information and data is protected by one of the world’s most trusted frameworks for safeguarding customer data.

    So, with Morpher, you are in charge of your funds, and your data is protected by one of the world’s toughest privacy and security laws. Here you can find further information on Morphers Privacy Policy.

    Morpher Review: Customer Support & Reviews

    Morpher offers swift and reliable customer support. Firstly, the help center provides a variety of answers to the most frequent questions. So, if you have a question, browse through the help center first.

    Secondly, you can always message customer support if you have more detailed questions regarding KYC or any other questions that you have. To do so, you must send an E-Mail to [email protected], and you usually get a message back in one or two days.

    If you are interested in how Morpher works from a technical & tokenomics perspective, you can also read the Whitepaper. Morpher is an open protocol, so everyone is able to see how the platform works in detail. No more hidden black-box features like with traditional trading platforms.

    Morpher received high praise from users, with an “Excellent” rating on Trustpilot. Reviewers have noted the platform’s excellent and seamless user experience. Many have also noted that Morpher is the most innovative trading platform they have encountered.

    Morpher Review: An In-Depth AnalysisMorpher Review: An In-Depth Analysis

    The majority of reviews on Trustpilot are positive, with users praising the platform’s user-friendly design and intuitive interface.

    Additionally, the platform’s unique features such as zero-fee trading, watchlist, and trading charts received positive feedback from the users.

    This shows that Morpher’s reputation for excellence among traders is well-established and that the platform is clearly delivering on its promise of providing a superior trading experience. This is great news for traders looking for a reliable and innovative platform to trade in.

    How Morpher Compares to Other Trading Platforms?

    Morpher is revolutionizing the industry by offering unique features that set it apart from traditional trading platforms. Here we will compare Morpher to other trading platforms and we will focus on three key features: 24/7 trading, infinite liquidity, and having no counterparty.

    In short, Morpher is a trading platform on steroids, providing unique features that traditional trading platforms cannot match. To make an analogy, Morpher is like a Tesla in the trading world.

    On the surface, it may seem similar to other trading platforms, but underneath, it is built entirely differently, providing a faster, more reliable, and even more advanced experience with never seen before features for traders.

    Morpher Review: 24/7 trading

    This feature is providing traders with greater flexibility by allowing for 24/7 trading. Unlike traditional trading platforms that only allow trading during market hours, typically from Monday to Friday, Morpher’s platform is available for trading every day of the week, 24 hours a day. This feature enables traders to easily place trades on weekends, a time when traditional trading platforms are closed.

    This feature gives traders the ability to take advantage of market opportunities as they arise, regardless of the time of day or day of the week.

    Morpher Review: Infinite liquidity

    Offering infinite liquidity is a feature that can make a big difference in financial markets. Liquidity is a key indicator of how well financial markets function and low liquidity can have a devastating impact on markets, as outlined in the Global Financial Stability Report. Traditional trading platforms often struggle with illiquid or low-liquidity markets, making trade difficult.

    Morpher solves this problem by providing infinite liquidity, allowing for easy buying and selling of assets.

    This feature also enables Morpher to offer a wide range of assets in new markets, such as commodities, real estate, art collections like NFTs, cryptocurrencies, forex, emerging markets, and exotic markets, which are not available on traditional platforms.

    In summary, the infinite liquidity feature is a game-changer that enables traders to easily buy and sell assets in a wide range of markets, even in illiquid markets, making it a reliable and versatile trading platform.

    Sidenote: Some examples of classical illiquid assets include real estate, art, cars, antiques, and collectibles.

    However, when traders can make big profits in volatile times, classic markets may also become illiquid. Due to the lack of counterparties and price uncertainty, an asset can only quickly be sold with a substantial loss in value.

    No counterparty

    Traditional trading platforms rely on intermediaries and counterparties to facilitate trades, which can lead to higher fees and difficulty trading assets. Morpher is introducing a new way of trading by eliminating the need for middlemen and counterparties.

    At Morpher, assets can be traded without intermediaries, leading to zero fees and the ability to sell almost any asset without a counterparty. This eliminates the risk of slippage, a common problem on traditional platforms.

    According to Martin Froehler, CEO of Morpher, “Investors need to open new bank accounts, find investment advisors, brokers, and exchanges. Exchanges list individual financial instruments and bundles like ETFs that are provided by yet other companies. All these actors are middlemen between the investor and their product. They all charge obscene fees while providing a bad service.”

    Real Example: Unique & High-Profit Trade with Morpher

    Trading on Morpher is better for investors in every dimension than on traditional exchanges. To see these unique functionalities in action, look at this example. Such a trade would not have been possible on a conventional platform in that type.

    On 24.02.2022, the war between Russia and Ukraine started. During the weekend, things worsened, and a trader on Twitter showed an example of how he shorted the Russian Ruble against the US Dollar.

    Usually, this is not possible as the trader would have to wait until the markets opened on Monday again; however, with Morpher, it was.

    Morpher Review: An In-Depth AnalysisMorpher Review: An In-Depth Analysis

    The trade was entered with two buy orders on 28.02.2022 at 05:47 and 06:33 with $10478. Note that the markets were still closed.

    The rate before the weekend was 83.86 RUB/USD. Lo and behold, as the markets opened again after the weekend, the Russian Rouble dropped. The trade was closed three days later at 105 RUB/USD with $37441.49, respectively.

    At that time, no one wanted to buy Russian Rubles for that exchange rate as the unofficial rate was 152 RUB/USD. Still, thanks to Morpher’s infinite liquidity, the trade was settled with total profit and did not need a counterparty to buy the unwanted Rubles.

    Morpher Review: An In-Depth AnalysisMorpher Review: An In-Depth Analysis

    As you can see, this trade was placed when markets were closed, with a 10x leverage. The trade later closed with a considerable profit for an illiquid asset that generally no one would buy at that price at that time. Such a trade would have been unthinkable on a traditional trading platform. Truly magical.

    Morpher Review: Cryptographic Proof

    Morpher also provides cryptographic proof for those who don’t believe in this magic. As every trade at Morpher is recorded on the blockchain, there is no way to fake profits. So everyone can go and verify this trade with the according transaction hash on the Morpher Sidechain:


    That is precisely why the world needs blockchains! There is no way for scammers and fake traders to manipulate screenshots or report false profits. If you can’t prove it, it did not happen. Ultimate Truth!

    Limitations of Morpher

    Even though the Morpher platform has made considerable progress over the years to reach its mission of democratizing markets, there are still some limitations worth mentioning.

    Currently, not all countries are supported. Even though Morpher can be accessed and used by 99% of the world’s nations, some still await regulatory approval.

    The biggest country without access is currently the United States. For more information, visit this link for an updated list.

    Also, there are currently no direct credit card deposits. However, that should be a manageable limitation for most as you can use Advcash or Paypal to deposit fiat currencies directly. Note that when using Paypal, you must deposit at least 50$ in some countries. Luckily, that is not the case with Advcash.

    If you are a beginner, Morpher provides probably one of the best User Experiences among trading platforms.

    However, currently, a slight limitation might be that there are no learning resources available on the platform which show you how to trade in this new era of trading and investing.

    Finally, although not a limitation, another point worth mentioning is that unlike on traditional platforms, you do not trade in the US Dollar or the Euro; instead, on Morpher, you trade with its native cryptocurrency called “MPH.”

    Your deposit gets converted to “MPH” at the current rate. So, when looking at your portfolio value, you should view it in “MPH” terms, as this accurately indicates your trading success.

    Tip: Choose a moment when the exchange rate is favorable in terms of “MPH,” so you get more US Dollars for your “MPH” than before.

    Remember that you will convert your “MPH” back to your preferred currency when withdrawing. With the volatility in crypto, you might get less or more US Dollars for your “MPH” tokens depending on withdrawal time.

    Nevertheless, as Morpher is profiting from “MPH” appreciation, the “MPH” token will hopefully rise in value over the long run.

    Morpher Review: An In-Depth AnalysisMorpher Review: An In-Depth Analysis

    Note: on the top right of the page, you can find a toggle from “MPH” to “USD,” where you can see your current portfolio value in “MPH” or “USD.”

    Keep in mind, by using this toggle; you are not converting or trading in USD – it is just a live view of how much your “MPH” tokens would be worth if you withdrew and converted them to “USD” at this moment.

    Opening a Morpher Account

    Unlike on other platforms, opening an account and making your first trade on Morpher only takes a minute. To open your account and make your first trade follow the steps below.

    Morpher Review: Create an account

    Visit Morpher and click on “Get Started” at the top right of the screen. Here it is best to go with the predefined version and use the Morpher Wallet.

    It is user-friendly as it hides all the difficulties from the inexperienced user, yet also allows for later customizability for the experienced user by managing and holding your keys.

    Morpher Review: An In-Depth AnalysisMorpher Review: An In-Depth Analysis

    Make your first trade

    Firstly, one trade where the trader goes long on Ethereum. Secondly, where a short trade is placed on Natural Gas. As you can see, bets can be placed on almost any market and in any direction – up or down.

    Morpher Review: An In-Depth AnalysisMorpher Review: An In-Depth Analysis
    Morpher Review: An In-Depth AnalysisMorpher Review: An In-Depth Analysis

    Note: Morpher just released a new feature that allows you to trade blue-chip NFT Collections like BAYC and Metaverse projects like Decentraland.

    Deposit & KYC for Account Tier 3

    After you get familiar with the trading experience and hopefully multiply your initial MPH, you should consider upgrading your account level to unlock additional features. Overall, you have three Account Levels or Account Tiers.

    Morpher Review: An In-Depth AnalysisMorpher Review: An In-Depth Analysis
    • Tier 1: Create an account to get free funds and start trading.
    • Tier 2: Complete identity verification to unlock bonuses and funding.
    • Tier 3: Deposit $10+ to gain full access to your trading returns and withdraw any funds.

    To upgrade your account, go to settings and complete the KYC process. If you get stuck in the process, contact support, who will swiftly help you out.

    Morpher Review: Conclusion

    The aim of the article was to give you an overview of Morpher. By now, you should already understand how the platform works, its limitations, and the unique features it offers compared to traditional trading platforms.

    Hopefully, you have already made some first trades too. If not, go try it out, open a few trades, and see how fast and reliable the platform is.

    To conclude, we might put it: Morpher offers a better trading experience in almost every dimension compared to traditional exchanges.

    There is probably no better platform than Morpher to give you access to the coming age of the internet of wealth. You can trade every asset in any direction against any other asset with infinite liquidity, which results in infinite wealth.

    This was not possible before and opened completely new possibilities. As illiquid markets become tradable, you will trade anything from classic stocks to NFT collections to real estate in India. It is like extreme capitalism.

    No geographical advantage anymore; assets that provide the highest return will thrive and lead the new era of trading and investing.

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