Mizar vs 3Commas vs Cryptohopper – (February 2024)

    The cryptocurrency markets are growing at a rapid pace. While this offers opportunities for investors, it also comes with challenges. One of the biggest challenges is keeping up with the fast-paced markets and making informed investment decisions. 95% of crypto traders lose money, mainly driven by emotions, FOMO, bad trading behavior, and little trading knowledge.

    To help you, we will compare three of the best automated trading platforms – Mizar vs 3Commas vs Cryptohopper. We will assess their features, cost structure, and advantages to help you decide which platform is most suitable for you. Let’s begin the comparison by outlining the products offered by each platform. 

    The entry barriers for novices are usually quite high since they do not know how to do technical analysis or trade efficiently. Artificial intelligence and enhanced analytics support better decision-making and may enable newbie traders to derive greater success by automating their trades. This way, beginners can tap into powerful trading tools that are normally only accessible to professionals with a low barrier to entry.

    Automated trading platforms have become popular in recent years. They allow users to replicate the trades of successful investors or set up automated trading strategies.

    Besides, all these platforms have different unique selling propositions, making it hard to find out which one offers the best features for your personal preferences. 

    Mizar vs 3Commas vs Cryptohopper: Mizar Bot

    Copy Trading: Through a two-sided marketplace, you can copy-trade the most successful bots and strategies of other traders with few clicks and profit as they do. In turn, pros can earn a passive income thanks to Mizar’s profit-sharing system.

    Mizar Vs 3Commas Vs CryptohopperMizar Vs 3Commas Vs Cryptohopper

    Social Trading: Mizar has a tight-knit trading community for automated tips, insights, and strategies. In the near future, everyone will be able to share their strategies with others and monetize their skills.

    Trading Bots: Mizar offers a diverse selection of bots, including DCA, Grid [soon], and API bots. No coding is necessary. 

    Smart Trading & Portfolio Tools: You can manage all your assets from one convenient interface. You can take advantage of TradingView charting, portfolio tracking, and pro-level management features to split entries into multiple pieces, set take profits, trailing, stop loss & more. 

    Paper Trading: You can learn how to trade or test your different techniques and strategies risk-free with Mizar Paper Trading. On Mizar, you can test an unlimited number of trading bots.

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    Mizar vs 3Commas vs Cryptohopper: 3Commas

    Mizar Vs 3Commas Vs CryptohopperMizar Vs 3Commas Vs Cryptohopper

    Copy Trading: 3Commas copy-trading relies on trading signals. That means users can get access to signals provided by other traders and use them as triggers for their bots.

    Social Trading: You can observe the trading behavior of experts and newbie traders. To share your signals, you need to be accepted by 3Commas.

    Trading Bots: 3Commas offers DCA, Grid, and Option bots. 

    Smart Trading & Portfolio Tools: 3Commas offers powerful portfolio tracking and management tools to close positions, cancel, add funds, edit take profits, and more.

    Paper Trading: 3Commas offers Paper Trading but it’s limited, depending on your subscription plan.

    Mizar vs 3Commas vs Cryptohopper: Cryptohopper

    Mizar Vs 3Commas Vs CryptohopperMizar Vs 3Commas Vs Cryptohopper

    Copy Trading: As for 3Commas, on Cryptohopper you can integrate others’ signals into your bots, but you cannot copy whole strategies as in Mizar.

    Social Trading: They have a good community that you can follow and exchange experiences with. To share your signals, you need to be accepted by 3Commas.

    Trading Bots: Cryptohopper offers DCA, Grid bots, and arbitrage bots. 

    Smart Trading & Portfolio Tools: Cryptohopper offers a trading terminal where you can easily trade on your exchange and track your portfolio

    Paper Trading: They provide professional tools available for testing your trading ideas and strategies.

    Mizar vs 3Commas vs Cryptohopper: Pros Comparison 

    Mizar offers a safe and professional one-click trading experience with unlimited features, users only pay if they trade or profit. The 3Commas highest subscription model includes powerful trading and portfolio management tools available across 23 crypto exchanges. Cryptohopper offers expert-level features, beginner-friendly tools, and flexible setup options. 

    Mizar Pros 3Commas Pros Cryptohopper Pros
    One-click copy-trading with a two-sided marketplace.  Сredible & reliable platform with > 1,200 positive reviews on TrustPilot.  AI-powered crypto trading bots. 
    Unlimited features without a subscription, no payments if you don’t trade or profit.  Flexible pricing plans for any needs. Free access to some of the features.  Expert-level features, beginner-friendly tools, and flexible setup options. 
    Intuitive onboarding & user-friendly platform.  Powerful trading & portfolio management tools available across 23 crypto exchanges.  IOS/Android mobile app and one-click trading. 

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    Mizar vs 3Commas vs Cryptohopper: Cons Comparison 

    Mizar is the youngest of the 3 trading platforms, therefore they are only integrated with the 10 major crypto exchanges and still have limited features compared to more seasoned platforms such as 3Commas and Crypthopper.  3Commas has a complicated interface and does not have a user-friendly copy trading marketplace; they just offer signals, and no strategies to copy.

    Moreover, for small players, might be either too expensive or too little free options. Cryptohopper also does not have any marketplace for copy trading strategies, only signals. Additionally, their interface might be too complicated for beginners.

    Mizar Cons 3Commas Cons Cryptohopper Cons
    Lacks reputation, as the platform launched recently.  Fairly complicated interface & bot setup.  Limited free mode duration and features. 
    Supports 10 crypto exchanges. Not cost-effective for traders with small volume & account balance.  No marketplace for copy trading strategies, only signals. You have to set up bots by yourself.
    Do not support grid bots yet. No user-friendly copy trading marketplace. Just signals, and no strategies to copy. Complicated interface for beginners

    Mizar vs 3Commas vs Cryptohopper: Features and Product Comparison 

    Key Features
    Description Mizar  3Commas Cryptohopper
    Unlimited Features[W/O Subscription] Yes No No
    User-friendly High Medium Medium
    Design (UX/UI) Good  Good  Average 
    One-click Copy Trading Yes No No
    Signals No Yes Yes
    DCA Bots [No Coding] Yes Yes Yes
    API Bots  Yes No No
    Grid Bots [No Coding] No Yes Yes
    Pay-Per-Use Paper Trading[Unlimited] Yes No No
    API And Tradingview Connectivity Yes Yes Yes
    Portfolio Tracker Advanced Good Good
    Positions Manager Advanced Advanced Good
    Mobile App [IOS/Android] No Yes Yes
    Integrated token for fees and rewards Yes No No
    Advanced Trading Functions [Stop Loss, Trailing, Multi Take Profits] Yes Yes Yes
    Multi-Currency Bots Yes, Unlimited Yes, Depending On Your Subscription Yes, Depending On Your Subscription
    Multi-Exchange Bots Yes, Unlimited No No
    Multi-Subscription Bots Yes, Unlimited Each Time You Want To Trade With A Bot, You Have To Develop/Copy A New One Each Time You Want To Trade With A Bot, You Have To Develop/Copy A New One
    Multi-Quote Assets Supported Yes Yes Yes
    Spot trading and futures trading Supported Yes Yes Yes
    Smart Trading Terminal Yes Yes Yes

    When comparing Mizar to 3Commas and Cryptohopper, it is evident that Mizar offers more flexible access to advanced features. In particular, Mizar provides unlimited access to multi-exchange bots, which Cryptohopper and 3Commas do not. Both Mizar and 3Commas offer a simplified yet advanced approach to trading.

    However, Mizar is suited for newbies as well as experts (both can profit from one another through the marketplace), while 3Commas is only suited for users with solid experience. Experts can take advantage of the time-saving features of Mizar, such as the multi-subscription and exchange features.

    Lastly, less advanced traders can copy-trade other users and reward them based on realized profits. 

    Mizar vs 3Commas vs Cryptohopper: Fees and Rewards Comparison 

    Mizar is subscription free, which means users can trade with Mizar or copy-trade and pay on usage. Mizar is free to use up to $10k traded volume per month and users get $5 for free to be used for copy-trading.

    Additionally, the Mizar STAR program offers up to a 95% discount on fees for trading bigger volumes or staking $MZR tokens. Learn more here

    3Commas’ full version is only accessible with a monthly subscription fee. The free version is limited to fewer features available. For example, if a user would like to test strategies beforehand paper trading is only accessible on paid plans. The paid plans are flexible, yet the best discount you can get is 50% off for a year-long subscription.

    Cryptohopper requires a subscription and regular fees to use the bot. The price is less flexible because the platform doesn’t offer a referral program.

    However, you can get a 6% discount on a yearly subscription. The free trial period is only 3 days, after which you must get a subscription.

    Most platforms such as 3commas and Cryptohopper have multi-level monthly subscription plans. The higher level you purchase the fewer limitations, and more features are included. Signal copy-trading comes with a subscription fee as well, and this makes it more difficult to differentiate across multiple traders.

    Further, Platforms like Mizar that have no fixed fees and upfront costs are scarce in the space. On Mizar, you pay a fee based on traded volume and you’re free to copy any trader as there is no subscription fee. You pay at the end of the month if you profit!

    Mizar vs 3Commas vs Cryptohopper: Exchanges and Community Comparison 

    In terms of supported crypto exchanges, 3Commas is well ahead of Mizar and Cryptohopper, which is a major advantage for arbitrage traders. However, each time you want to trade with a bot on an exchange, you have to create a new one with 3Commas and Cryptohopper. With Mizar you can use the same bot for multiple exchanges, currencies, and subscriptions, so you can diversify your portfolio in a simple way. Mizar is the only platform offering multi-exchange bots

    Since Mizar is planning its token launch in the next months, it is also more decentralized and community-oriented, compared to 3Commas and Cryptohopper. Mizar’s community and customers have a say in major decisions such as the implementation of new features. 

    Mizar vs 3Commas vs Cryptohopper: Conclusion

    After testing all these three platforms I can conclude no matter who you are and what trading level or economic situation you’re in, Mizar is a simple and promising trading solution for everyone.

    Besides, this trading platform offers easy access to its marketplace, competitive prices, and a backbone economy that supports its soon-to-be-launched native token. With copy and social trade options, lots of practice opportunities, and access to pre-developed strategies, there’s no end to what you can learn and earn here! 

    Even though Mizar is relatively young, it is a reliable and safe platform backed by big names such as Nexo, Kucoin Labs, Huobi Ventures, Woo Ventures, and more investors. Traders can benefit from various smart trading tools incorporated in the intuitive interface. Mizar is simply the go-to option for traders at every level.

    Further, Cryptohopper and 3Commas may offer multiple-trading options and many exchanges but they don’t offer copy trading and they do not compare to Mizar in terms of pricing — especially if you’re a new trader just entering the market. 

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