Funding Boom for the AI Startups. 2024

    AI is rapidly growing daily, with new advancements released every day. This latest development is increasing cash flow in the market, mainly for investment in AI startups. Conversely, a highly advanced tool that can remake anyone’s voice in just 15 seconds has been launched. In addition to these innovations, there has been a huge increase in demand for AI/ML engineers in the market. Many tech giants are poaching skilled engineers from companies in return for a high pay scale. This weekly newsletter will cover the week’s top news and innovations and discuss poaching allegations, trending AI tools, and more.

    Trending news of the week


    Y Combinator New AI investments

    One of the biggest VC firms is investing a huge chunk of money in AI startups. According to the reports, YC has invested in more than 157 startups in the W24 batch with more than 20+ different sectors. The list includes sectors such as Software development(44 startups), transforming customer service(12 startups), biotech and healthcare(10 startups), finance and investing(11 startups) and many more. These new investments show a glimpse of the future where AI will integrate into every sector, reshaping the world, but there is concern about job replacement in these sectors.

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    AI chip by Intel, “Gaudi 3”

    Recently, Intel launched their new AI accelerator chip called Gaudi 3. Intel claimed that the AI chip is as powerful to run a large language model like ChatGPT, Bard, etc., compared to its competitor Nvidia’s H100, which has a current market shortage. On comparing the Gaudi 3 with H100, Intel has tested their new AI chip on open source models such as Falcon 180B and Llama 2 and the Gaudi 3, which is 50% better in both terms of training time and inference (Running the model to get outputs).

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    ChatGPT for music, “Udio”

    It feels like Suno AI launched yesterday, and the world experienced the AI music generator at this level for the first time. This time, a new AI startup named “Udio” has launched a new AI tool with the same name as the startup. The new tool is ChatGPT for music, as it is one of the best AI music generator tools. It can generate various music with vocals, such as EDM, piano jazz, etc. The interface of this tool is as easy to use as for creating and storing songs. Udio is founded by ex-employees of tech giants such as Google and Apple and various top investors and music artists who backed the startup.

    Also, Stability AI launched its new AI tool, “Stable Audio 2.0,” which can generate sound clips using AI. This new tool can create a song of up to 3 minutes, from full instrumentals to structured compositions with intros, development sections, and outros. Stable Audio 2.0 also introduced additional features, such as new “audio-to-audio” capabilities, enabling users to upload their own audio samples to customize the style and sound of AI-generated outputs.

    Funding Boom For The Ai Startups.Funding Boom For The Ai Startups.

    Llama 3 is coming soon

    Llama 2 was launched by Meta last year, and it became the first ever open-source LLM packed with powerful features and equal performance compared to GPT-4, Bard, etc. Now, Meta is ready to disrupt the market with Llama 3. According to the latest reports, the company is all set to launch their new LLM next month. The global president, Nick Clegg, also confirmed that the Llama 3 will be the most powerful LLM ever launched, and they also fixed the errors and flaws of the previous model.

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    Spotify launched “AI DJ”

    Have you become bored of your traditional Spotify playlists? That is no problem because Spotify released the beta version of its new AI feature, AI DJ. This new feature allows users to create playlists based on prompts such as “songs to serenade my cat” or “beats to battle a zombie apocalypse.” Users can create playlists based on anything, such as dogs, fish, cats, or emojis. Once the playlist has been generated, users will also have the option to use AI to revise or change the song in the playlist. This new feature is available in Australia and the UK on Android and IOS devices and will soon become global for everyone.

    Gemini 1.5 Pro Launched in 150+ countries

    Google announced Gemini 1.5 Pro in February. Now, Google has released the models publicly in more than 150+ countries, and it is currently the best LLM by Google, beating their most capable Gemini Ultra on the benchmarks. This new model is packed with powerful features such as audio listening(now you can upload audio files on the Gemini 1.5 Pro and churn out the information); Imagen 2 means you can generate images with the help of detailed prompts. This new LLM is currently available for users with access to Vetex AI and AI Studio.

    New voice engines shocked the world

    OpenAI shocked the world when they revealed their new product to the public, which they had secretly been developing for years. This new tool, “Voice Engine,” can clone anyone’s voice in just 15 seconds. The model has been trained on a vast amount of voice data, including music, animals, and humans. OpenAI has been testing this model with many new-age AI startups like HeyGen for years, and now they are releasing it to the world. One of the reasons for not launching this for the general public is that anyone can clone anyone’s voice, which could lead to identity theft and other misuse of the technology.

    Funding Boom For The Ai Startups.Funding Boom For The Ai Startups.

    Elon Musk’s allegations against OpenAI

    Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, has made significant allegations against OpenAI for poaching AI scientists and researchers from Tesla. Additionally, Musk filed a lawsuit against them and referred to the company as “Closed AI.” Notably, Musk initially supported OpenAI’s growth but later left the company, stating that it was now generating profits, contrary to its initial non-profit status. In response, OpenAI denied all allegations and released some proof, such as email screenshots, contracts, and some data to defend itself.

    Trending AI Tools

    • Supermoon(Click here to try)
      An AI tool that helps the business to streamline its team communication and customer support.
    • B12(Click here to try)
      An AI tool that helps users to generate a website in just 60 seconds.
    • BeeBee AI(Click here to try)
      An AI tool that helps users simplify their investment journey by providing a list of news, top shares, and other relevant information for their analysis.
    • (Click here to try)
      An AI tool that can generate music with vocals using just a simple prompt. Describe your music in detail, and Suno will make one for you.
    • Gummy Search (Click here to try)
      An AI tool that is mainly trained on the data available on Reddit helps users find potential customers using advanced machine learning algorithms.

    Prompt of the Week

    The placement session is currently being held in many colleges in India. Companies are in a race to find the best of the best among the large chunk of the crowd. However, not all of them would be selected because of their communication skills. Good communication skills are like cheery food on top of a cake for many recruiters. Many students don’t want to crack the interviews of these big companies because they cannot express themselves in front of a panel or lack knowledge. But not anymore; today, we will make a prompt that helps the users with communication skills.

    Here is the prompt:

    Act as an interviewer, and I am the candidate being interviewed for a position<describe postions>. We are seated in a professional office setting, such as a hiring manager’s or HR representative’s office. As the interviewer, your objective is to assess my qualifications, skills, and fit for the role through a structured interview process. Feel free to ask various questions, from background and experience to behavioral and technical queries. Maintain a polite, professional demeanor throughout the interview. You can begin by introducing yourself and the company, then proceed with the interview questions. I will respond as the candidate to the best of my abilities. If you need to take notes or refer to any materials during the interview, indicate that in your responses. Ultimately, you can provide feedback or next steps for the candidate. Let’s begin the interview. Please start by introducing yourself and the company.

    Here is basic details about me<details>

    You can use this in the ChatGPT mobile version, where you can easily do one-to-one conversations like in any real interview.

    Hope you guys love the newsletter and find it informational. See you guys next week with updates.

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