DOT, ADA surge; Milei Moneda emerges as promising newcomer

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    As Polkadot gears up for its L2 network launch, Cardano sees a surge in GitHub activity due to smart contract development, while Milei Moneda promises NFTs and additional rewards post-launch.

    The top altcoins have been on quite the run in the past four months, but Polkadot (DOT) and Cardano (ADA) have yet to budge. Even in the heat of the Bitcoin pump, ADA and DOT made only modest spikes.

    Polkadot is concerned with building networks and ensuring they maintain seamless communications and operate at high-security levels. DOT experienced some development in the past year, but Polkadot only added 15.2% in value at that time. Recent metrics have shown that many of its users and long-term traders are losing interest in Polkadot. However, there might be some revival in the next few days, as DOT plans to launch its L2 network.

    Cardano is experiencing the same block, as blockchain developments have not been commensurate with profits on ADA. ADA developers have experienced non-stop activity on GitHub lately, as Cardano now ranks above Ethereum in developer activity. The blockchain recently shifted to smart contracts, and Cardano has been adding 500 new smart contracts daily to meet demands.

    Since DOT and ADA are still some ways off in the profit game, the new meme coin Milei Moneda (MEDA) is offering one of the new ICOs in the market. MEDA’s cryptocurrency ICO is live and pulling investors from major networks already.

    Polkadot vs. Cardano

    Polkadot and Cardano’s users have been through tough times lately, as both tokens have not lived up to their more optimistic price predictions for 2024. While the other top defi coins hit their ATH between December 2023 and March, DOT and ADA lagged behind with moderate profits.

    Polkadot has been facing some selling pressure as investors are losing confidence in DOT’s ability to surge again this year, especially when other top crypto coins are raking in triple-digit profits. PERP traders are declining, and most remaining traders are scalpers looking for short-term gains.

    However, the token might be redeeming itself in the next few weeks, as Polkadot has scheduled a Layer-2 solution later this year. Blockchains are moving towards L2 networks for easy operability and scalability, and Polkadot seems to be making that move now.

    That might set DOT up for higher profits than Cardano, too, as some analysts feel ADA bulls have a lot to do if ADA will get to its bullish predictions. Many Cardano metrics point to long-term gains, but the stakes are against ADA.

    ADA slipped up earlier in March, falling to its support levels after a brief rally. Now, traders might want to put DOT among the altcoins to watch, even though nothing is set in stone.

    Milei Moneda becomes compelling contender

    Milei Moneda is one of the trending new ICOs. The presale is the first step in a sequence of events that aims to give Milei Moneda investors profits.

    Milei Moneda will be upholding the meme culture, but the MEDA token won’t turn out like most other meme coins. Milei Moneda is big on economic freedom, and there’s no better way to preach that than to set the standards in its own community.

    The MEDA token is every user’s identity on the platform. Like other governance ecosystems, Milei Moneda users will be able to vote and approve proposals for defi apps and features on the platform. This will provide real-life utility for traders in the crypto-verse, driving traffic to MEDA projects and, of course, more profits for investors.

    Milei Moneda’s defi ambitions could see the token compete with the best defi coins sooner than we expect. Smart contracts will be key to the platform’s progress, and MEDA’s are already in the audit phase.


    Polkadot and Milei Moneda are among the top 5 cryptocurrencies to buy this year, and the meme coin is set for a huge launch by mid-year. Investors can get MEDA tokens today, which cost $0.010 right now.

    To learn more about Milei Moneda, visit the website or reach out on Telegram.

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