Crypto Wallet Maker Keystone Debuts Bitcoin-Only Firmware for Flagship Device

    Crypto wallet company Keystone recently released bitcoin-only firmware for its most advanced device, the Keystone 3 Pro.

    Keystone, which rebranded from Cobo Vault in June 2021, has been producing crypto wallets since February 2018. The company first launched a bitcoin-only firmware in 2020 and has now released an overhauled version of the firmware after taking into consideration feedback from its customers.

    “Since day one, we have been listening closely to the Bitcoin community, trying our best to develop the most secure hardware wallet,” Keystone CEO Lixin Liu told Bitcoin Magazine.

    “Upon receiving feedback from the community, we rewrote our embedded system using Rust, often considered the least prone to bugs, and open sourced every line of the code, allowing users to scrutinize and verify the firmware integrity anytime,” he added.

    The new firmware also supports security-oriented features like Shamir Backup implementation and the import of three different seed phrases.

    And not only is the new firmware more secure, but the Keystone 3 Pro itself was also designed with security in mind. The device is air-gapped, contains three Secure Element chips and comes with a built-in self-destruct mechanism that erases all stored private keys if it detects physical tampering. It also enables users to create a seed phrase without having to pair it with any native software first, eliminating the potential risk of the private key being extracted through the software.

    “In addition to security upgrades, we’ve focused on improving usability,” Liu told Bitcoin Magazine.

    Liu highlighted how the firmware seamlessly operates with Blue Wallet, Sparrow Wallet, and Nunchuck as well as how the Keystone 3 Pro has a 4-inch color touchscreen and a fingerprint scanner, which makes signing into the device more convenient. He also shared that the battery life for the device is over 20 times greater than that of its predecessor.

    The Keystone 3 Pro is currently retailing for $129 on the company’s website, Amazon, and Newegg.

    “We’ve kept our product affordable without compromising product quality, UX, and security,” Liu added.

    You can learn more about the Keystone 3 Pro here and download the bitcoin-only firmware for the device here.

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