CoinRabbit Review | Borrow USDT for your Bitcoin and Ethereum

    In this article, we will review CoinRabbit, a new instant crypto lending product.

    If you’re hodling some BTC or ETH, here’s a way for you to make it work — without selling your hard-earned crypto. 

    Imagine you have 1 BTC worth $18,000. You don’t want to sell it because it may bring you huge profits in the future, but that’s a lot of money and it would be cool to use it somehow right now. 

    Let’s say, you take 1 BTC and get $9,000 in USDT as a crypto loan. You can do with it whatever you want — go traveling, buy a car, or invest in real estate. 

    When you’re finished fulfilling your dreams, you repay the crypto lending with the same $9,000 plus annual 5% interest. By that time, BTC had surged to $30,000. Now, you own 1 Bitcoin as before PLUS a car or an unforgettable traveling experience, and minus 450 USDT paid as interest. 

    This is exactly what CoinRabbit offersan instant cryptocurrency lending service without credit checks, monthly payments, and maximum loan sizes. Grab your BTC or ETH, get some USDT in 10 minutes — and enjoy the new opportunities! In addition, our geography is quite big, the countries we support are.. worldwide!

    The safety of all the getting collaterals is guaranteed by our partner – a highly trusted service named ChangeNOW. Also, the KYC procedure, which is carried out by ChangeNOW too, lets us check the legitimacy of every transaction.

    Why CoinRabbit?

    • Unlimited loan periods. Why give a week, a month, or a year as our competitors? Take your time and repay the loan whenever you want!
    • Low interest rate. We only take 5% interest yearly compared to 8-10% in the other services. Also there is a tiny commission fee for the transaction (3-10$) depending on network load.
    • Low minimum loan amounts. Start with 30 USDT for ETH as collateral, and with 80 USDT for BTC. 
    • No limits for loan sizes. Some of our competitors offer Bitcoin lending loans up to $4-5k, while we allow you to enjoy any sum you wish. 
    • No monthly payments. We don’t bother you with charging the interest every month — you only pay the annual 5% when repaying the loan. You can track this sum in your account. 
    • 10 minutes to get your loan. No annoying credit checks — come and get your loan right away! 
    • Collateral repayment at the initial rate. To return your BTC or ETH, you need to pay the initial loan size + the interest irrespective of the current BTC or ETH rate. 
    • Secure collateral storage and instant return. We carefully store your crypto on our side. Whenever you want it back, we will return it to you right away. 

    How CoinRabbit works

    Here are the steps to lend Bitcoin or ethereum using CoinRabbit.

    Total Time: 5 minutes

    Choose the currency and collateral

    Jump to CoinRabbit, choose the currency and the amount of your collateral. Coinrabbit Review Main Page

    Confirm your phone number and USDT address

    Confirm your phone number and set your USDT address where you’d like the loan to land. 

    Send Collateral

    Send the collateral amount that you chose. 

    Wait for the Loan amount

    After we process your collateral and everything is OK, we send the loan to you right away. 

    That’s it! You can track the whole process online on the same tab. 

    Now that you have your USDT, feel free to do with it anything you like! CoinRabbit will be available 24/7 for any support and help.

    What’s next 

    • You can get your collateral back at any moment by repaying your loan. This is the initial amount of your loan + 5% annual interest + a small processing fee. 
    • Increase your loan size if you’d like. In this case, your liquidation price will decrease (learn about it further below). 

    Are there any risks? 

    The price of cryptocurrencies fluctuates heavily from time to time. As one of the enthusiastic cryptocurrency lending platforms, we hope the price of BTC and ETH only goes up, but it’s not entirely safe from dropping. If your collateral currency rate starts going down significantly, we will warn you multiple times. We lend crypto hoping that the rates will be OK, but if the price drops below what we call a liquidation price, unfortunately, we will have to sell your collateral — but in this case, your USDT will stay with you. 

    At CoinRabbit crypto lending platform, you get your loan at a 50% loan-to-value ratio: if you bring 1 BTC, you get 0.5 BTC in USDT. It is much more comfortable for our customers, because as everyone knows the crypto market has a high volatility. Consequently, having 50% LTV brings much less risk of liquidation. This allows us to keep the liquidation price low: even if the BTC price goes 30% down, we’re still safe. Some of the other crypto lending programs offer a 90% LTV ratio and sell your collateral when the price drops just by 10%. 

    Why only USDT for loans and BTC/ETH for collateral? 

    USDT is a reliable currency and as a stablecoin, it’s very close to fiat and allows many great trading options. However, we’re now working at adding many more coins as loan and collateral options, and even fiat money for the former.  

    Here are some examples of how you can use USDT:

    • to trade it against other cryptocurrencies on a variety of crypto exchanges like Binance or Huobi, or crypto exchange service like ChangeNOW;
    • make payments for goods and services on various marketplaces, online stores, and websites like Mt Pelerin;
    • make transactions in the DeFi ecosystem with services like Aave, Chaineum, Polkadot, etc;
    • make instant and cheap cross-border payments to people all over the world; 
    • or just hodl it in your crypto wallets like Guarda, Atomic, Ledger, and others. 

    CoinRabbit Plans

    There are a lot of options that will emerge soon:

    • More crypto currencies as collaterals.
    • Getting a licence for the opportunity to give a fiat for crypto loans;
    • Integration of the third party funds insurance for the further protection of every loan.

    CoinRabbit Review: Conclusion

    CoinRabbit is a new platform, providing instant crypto loans in USDT. It has partnered with ChangeNOW (I verified it personally) and other platforms. However, It lacks regulatory oversight and which is problematic for any legal recourse in case of any problem. In addition, CoinRabbit does not use any third-party custodian such as BitGo. Therefore, I suggest start with a small amount and test the service for some time and let it establish itself in the market. In any case, always remember, NOT your Keys, Not your Bitcoin.

    You can follow the CoinRabbit on Twitter, and feel free to contact their support for any questions. Try one of the best crypto lending platforms and let us know what you think about CoinRabbit in the comment section.

    Make the most from your crypto with CoinRabbit

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