CHO Token Is Up Over 300% This Month: The CEO Speaks About Fundamental Development Driving This Surge

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    In March, the CHO token turned heads with its astonishing growth of over 300%. Noteworthy, a sharp 90% jump in price occurred in a week when Bitcoin lost $10,000 at a single stroke, facing a steep pullback from its new all-time high (ATH) of $73,750. Some might say it’s so curious, but not CHO holders, as they got used to seeing the token defy market troubles. And all thanks to the continuous improvement of its parent product,

    Today, we sat down with the company founder, Vladimir Gorbunov, to discuss the recent rally in the CHO price and elaborate on what makes an ever-relevant solution in a rapidly evolving world of crypto and decentralized finance.

    Before turning directly to the March performance of CHO, Gorbunov underlined that this was not the first time when the token stayed firm amidst Bitcoin’s dramatic plunge. During the 2022 crypto winter, CHO was rising steadily, fueled by the community’s optimistic response to the monumental launch of, while the rest of the market was crashing.

    “In just a few days since the release, CHO surged over 180% and kept showing positive gains throughout the year. It even hit its record high of $1.38 in September 2022, resonating with the community’s huge enthusiasm toward our groundbreaking expansion into the DeFi space,” he stated. 

    CoinGecko: How the CHO token performed in 2022

    Here, we should step back a little to shed some light on how originated. Back in 2017, Gorbunov established Crypterium, a sort of crypto neobank that later became renowned for its robust crypto-fiat infrastructure. With the goal of making digital assets more convenient and accessible en masse, the project quickly connected hundreds of thousands of CeFi users worldwide to its innovative ecosystem products. Namely, Crypterium was the world’s first company to roll out crypto-banking Visa cards and integrate with Apple Pay for seamless crypto payments. 

    “When we worked on Crypterium, the major hurdle lay in merging traditional banking infrastructure with the once-new and complex blockchain technology. Everything was inconvenient, and the market fees for purchasing crypto extended to 25%,” Gorbunov recalled. “So, we developed in the CeFi sector for a long time, learning, honing our processes, and adapting to the challenges brought by the ever-changing market and user demands. And, as soon as we were ready to scale up and tap into other promising fields, we started building”

    In essence, evolved from Crypterium, amplifying the line of fine-tuned CeFi solutions with the most lucrative DeFi products, aggregated by the special Charism protocol. Through a single interface, one could easily switch between non-custodial wallets, cross-chain bridges, decentralized derivatives, NFT-related projects, and other disruptive offerings while also earning double-digit APR on the CHO token, the heart of “Once we enabled our users to grow their CHO stash with limited DeFi interest accounts, the token experienced another round of growth, underscoring a solid correlation between its market performance and’s innovation,” Gorbunov emphasized.

    Thus, the team not only simplified the use of cryptocurrencies but also ensured that one could achieve greater profits with their funds through a single interface, every single moment. And the CHO token, used for staking, voting, promotion, and gas fees within the ecosystem, managed to weather the long-running bear market, backed by its strong fundamentals, an in-demand utility, and a dedicated community. 

    In late 2023, cryptocurrencies entered bullish territory, sparking high hopes for the crypto summer to arrive in the short term. Moving forward to 2024, Bitcoin, buoyed by the historiсal introduction of its ETFs to the market, soared from $39,500 to above $73,000, renewing its ATH on March 5. At this point, was operational in over 170 countries, with over 1 million active users on board. Whereas, the company’s transaction turnover and fully diluted market capitalization exceeded $1 billion.

    “Actually, we had a great year that surpassed our expectations even despite the lasting market implications of the crypto winter. We changed our tactics, came up with a few hypotheses, and conducted several experiments aimed at reviving user interest in the yield market that took the most severe hit. And today, it has yielded fruit,” revealed Gorbunov.

    Reflecting on the current state of the crypto market, he stressed that all eyes have been on Bitcoin since the halving event approached. As a crypto entrepreneur with seven-year expertise, Gorbunov noted that OG-crypto had historically demonstrated notable growth post-halving, suggesting that this time the potential gains could be much more spectacular.

    “Many anticipate Bitcoin to hit $100,000 once the halving takes place in April. Indeed, we can see it happen should the coin’s reduced supply propel it beyond the $78,000 resistance observed on the daily charts. Given that Bitcoin has quickly regained most of its losses after the recent slump, such a bullish scenario is more than likely. Albeit, we shouldn’t rule out the possibility of price corrections to the $64,000–$69,000 support zone and even lower in a more drastic downturn.”

    Riding the wave of market optimism and enduring innovation, stepped into the new year with a number of strategic developments, including the upgrade to 3DS-compliant VISA cards and the crowd-testing campaign for partner apps. While the former represented a big step towards enhancing the security of users’ financial activities, the latter encouraged fellow developers to participate in shaping the platform’s future in exchange for generous rewards.

    “As more and more people are exploring cryptocurrency, including through, we strive to deliver the best experience possible, constantly refining the user flow behind our products and ensuring they are both safe and reliable,” commented Gorbunov.

    Even though has many other transformative updates slated for 2024, the most interesting part is an enigmatic upgrade in the platform’s tokenomics that comes along with the company’s grand shift to the B2B sector.

    Finally, we moved on to discuss the key drivers of the CHO token’s ongoing bull run. Some crypto journalists and market researchers have already attributed its price explosion to the coming revolution in the tokenomics of, paired with a compelling early-bird airdrop. And they seem to get it right, as Gorbunov confirmed that the CHO rally coincided with the launch of a laconic website,, saying that the breakthrough developments were already underway. 

    “Our community was really abuzz with excitement, anticipating that the coming changes and activities would benefit them just like all our previous innovations did. The CHO accumulation intensified, which in turn led to the token price skyrocketing by a staggering 320% regardless of Bitcoin turning bearish. For clarity, those who managed to invest in CHO in late February saw their allocation grow nearly fourfold,” he further explained.

    As of writing, CHO keeps rising, up by more than 17% on a daily time frame, changing hands at around $0.055 and outperforming both Bitcoin and Ethereum. Though its market cap stands at slightly over $6 million, ranking the token among small-cap cryptocurrencies, the assumed update in’s tokenomics will allegedly elevate its current status, hinting at more impressive gains ahead.

    But even this is not everything that can be expected. As Gorbunov implied in one of his earlier interviews, would take advantage of the rapid development of Vault, the company’s new B2B venture with the potential to achieve $180 million in revenue. Though he didn’t delve too much into how two projects would be intertwined, he disclosed that specific efforts were already made to boost the utility of CHO in the institutional domain, empowering the token holders with even more exciting opportunities.

    “Vault’s rapid growth and emergence as a central aspect of our business were unexpected. Consequently, we are in the midst of a transitional period, affecting our team, product, and overall direction. The integration of Vault into the B2C segment of is not entirely accomplished yet, but one thing is clear: every element of the ecosystem, Vault included, will continually be tailored to serve the interests of our community,” Gorbunov concluded.


    With all these fundamental shifts setting a strong base for the company to thrive on a global scale,, and the CHO token in particular, emerges to bring success to both retail and institutional players, willing to turn their own experience with cryptocurrencies into a comfortable and profitable journey

    Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.


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