Binance strikes new deal, Celestia and Borroe Finance can rally in 2024

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    Binance, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchanges, has announced its partnership with Celestia (TIA) to introduce additional features to the Chainlink ecosystem. 

    At the same time, a new player in decentralized finance, Borroe Finance (ROE), is gaining prominence.

    Chainlink’s strategic partnership 

    Chainlink, a decentralized oracle network, has launched an array of new advancements and collaborations aimed at fortifying its infrastructure and ecosystem. 

    These initiatives include the Cross-Chain Interoperability Protocol (CCIP) development that connects different blockchains. 

    Furthermore, Chainlink has entered into strategic arrangements to link traditional finance and blockchain technology, joining forces with instances like MUWPAY and Arbitrum.

    Analytical reports show that Chainlink’s development activity has grown dramatically by 53%, a figure noted since July 19. 

    MUWPAY has now become a part of the BUILD program of Chainlink, which means that the relationship between these two is intensifying.

    In addition, Chainlink and Arbitrum have now released their CCIP to mainnet, which is a significant step in their efforts to advocate for interoperability in the blockchain sector.

    These latest developments highlight Chainlink’s proactive action toward strengthening its technological capabilities and promoting cooperation in its ecosystem. 

    Through creating strategic alliances and applying creative protocols, Chainlink remains an integral part of the decentralized finance sector, pushing the utilization and integration of blockchain technologies in multiple industries.

    Celestia is bullish

    Celestia, a blockchain protocol, has been making the headlines.

    According to analysts, TIA will likely range from $161.81 to $323.63, with an average forecast of $114.62. 

    The protocol’s characteristic features, especially scalability and security, continue to attract investors.

    Borroe Finance aims to reshape fundraising with AI and NFTs

    Borroe Finance is an AI-based fundraising marketplace built on Polygon. 

    The project aims to facilitate the provision of immediate financing to blockchain projects. 

    Using AI and smart contracts, the platform allows users to convert future cash flows, such as subscriptions and royalty invoices, into liquid assets (cash).

    The ecosystem of Borroe Finance employs invoice tokenization, serving various entities, including web3 startups, creators, and NFT gaming projects, to facilitate seamless fundraising.

    This involves the conversion of forthcoming revenues or outstanding invoices into discounted non-fungible tokens, which are then made available for purchase by interested investors on the platform’s NFT marketplace.

    ROE is trading for $0.019 in stage four of the presale, raising nearly $3 million. 

    Borroe Finance is a unique AI fundraising marketplace enabling businesses to tokenize their future revenue streams through tradable NFTs. 

    This fundraising approach contributes to the project’s success and market differentiation.

    ROE is a deflationary asset featuring scarcity and gradual value appreciation.

    Under the guidance of blockchain experts and fintech veterans Maxim Prishchepo and Michael Price, Borroe Finance shows a proactive stance and leadership ethos.

    Furthermore, the platform holds a compliance certificate from BlockAudit, underscoring its commitment to security. Borroe Finance has also made its smart contracts public for transparency.

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