Amid Market Turbulence, DeeStream Attracts Lido DAO & Compound Investors with 50X Growth Predictions

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    It’s been a bearish Q2 cryptocurrency market so far. Several coins that showed immense promise during the March bull market have begun to suffer severe value slumps. Currently, investors are looking for ways to recoup their losses and maximize gains when possible.

    DeeStream has recently emerged as a foremost crypto asset for investment. Lido DAO and Compound holders have spotted the platform and believe its crypto token will likely become a blue-chip cryptocurrency. They’ve begun buying large volumes of the coin, keen to secure significant gains and a stake in what is poised to be an era-defining crypto platform.

    Lido DAO Holders Dismayed by Recent Declines 

    Lido DAO’s current market numbers are startling. Lido DAO holders entered the New Year anticipating immense profit after what seemed like a turbulent 2023. Lido DAO has had a one-month decline of close to 15% in one month, while in the last seven days, the coin has fallen by 5.34%. 

    Even the most ardent Lido DAO investors have become disappointed. They are currently looking for alternatives to supplement the rest of their investments while holding on to some of their Lido DAO tokens. Lido DAO may be in one of the most unprofitable market positions right now, but some investors are holding on to the possibility of an upturn.

    DeeStream has attracted a slew of Lido DAO investors. The coin’s novelty is highly appreciated in the current crypto market, with several crypto investors keen on getting into the streaming market. For these investors, the best time to invest in new tokens is in their presales.

    Compound Holders Captivated by Crypto Youtube

    Unsurprisingly, most Compound holders are displeased with the Q2 crypto market. They believe that April ushered in a dire period of unbearable Compound declines. These investors are hopeful for a positive change; however, current market charts seem to add a lot more to investors’ pessimism.

    Compound was created to facilitate the process of getting loans and earning interest. Since its inception, Compound has attracted several crypto investors, yielding significant profits along the way. Nevertheless, recent market trends reveal that Compound may not be as profitable as it once was.

    In one month, Compound has experienced a significant 19% dip. This figure, when compared to other daily and weekly declines, has illustrated the need to diversify investments. Compound investors are currently moving the DeeStream, popularly referred to as the Crypto Youtube.

    The DeeStream Wave Continues to Gain Momentum

    DeeStream is more than a utility token. It’s a unique Web3 streaming network created using blockchain technology to address the shortcomings of conventional streaming platforms. The platform allows inclusivity and completely removes centralized control, giving DeeStream users more control over the platform.

    Every DeeStream investor gets a say in dictating the platform’s policies and proposing changes when necessary. These investors also receive a substantial share of the platform’s revenue, which is contingent on their DeeStream holdings. The DeeStream platform offers multiple rewards and allows low-cost transactions.

    The live-streaming market is currently valued at $160.55 billion and is forecast to reach $247 billion by 2027. Most investors are keen on entering this market. DeeStream makes it easy to do so, and with it, investors also gain a large stake in the crypto market.

    Find out more about DeeStream’s (DST) presale by visiting the website here.

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