Altcoin Season On The Horizon: 8 Best Cryptos To Buy After Bitcoin Halving

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    Bitcoin and meme coins have dominated the 2024 crypto bull market so far, with altcoins taking a back seat. However, with Bitcoin halving now in the books, altcoins are once again in the spotlight. 

    Traditionally, BTC displays a consolidatory price action after the halving and the Bitcoin Dominance sees a pullback. Unsurprisingly, investors turn to altcoins in search of more volatility and higher returns. 

    8 Best Cryptocurrency To Buy In Altseason

    The hype surrounding alts is skyrocketing, with experts revealing that crypto prices could start going parabolic as early as May. 

    Several new cryptocurrencies are also set to hit crypto exchanges in the coming weeks and could deliver 10x to 100x gains. 

    Investors therefore have one last chance to fill their bags before the start of the highly-anticipated altcoin bull run. Experts continue to highlight the importance of diversification, i.e. investing in a combination of large caps, mid-caps and low-cap tokens to see the maximum gains. 

    In this article, we list the 8 best cryptocurrency to buy that could deliver the most returns in the coming altseason. 

    Solana ($SOL)

    Experts continue to back Solana as one of the best cryptocurrencies to invest in, especially amongst large-cap altcoins. 

    SOL has been the standout performer in 2023 and 2024 so far and is expected to maintain its bullish trajectory during the rest of this bull cycle. 

    In fact, analysts believe that new Solana buyers may still be early, especially when compared to other large-cap cryptocurrencies. SOL is currently trading at $150 and is still more than 40% away from its all-time high. 

    Even the most conservative Solana price prediction backs the altcoin to reach $600 this bull cycle. Others are mentioning the possibility of SOL reaching a new high of $1000. 

    Its high scalability, especially when compared to Bitcoin and Ethereum, continues to result in praise from industry insiders such as Ark Invest’s Cathie Wood. It is also a boon to several new Layer-2 tokens and meme coins emerging within the Solana ecosystem.

    Slothana ($SLOTH)

    Speaking of Solana meme coins, Slothana is being backed by experts as the next big meme token that could deliver 100x gains. 

    $SLOTH has already proved its mettle during its presale, having raised over $15 million in just over 3 weeks. It’s not without reason that popular crypto YouTubers such as ClayBro believe Slothana could potentially emerge as the biggest Solana meme coin to invest in. 

    Slothana is also being viewed as the next Slerf, another sloth-based Solana meme coin that skyrocketed by 5000% in just a few hours. 

    It has also adopted Slerf’s innovative presale model, allowing interested buyers to simply send $SOL to the project wallet and receive $SLOTH as an airdrop. This simplified fundraising model is one of the reasons behind Slothana’s early demand. 

    However, the presale is in its final days, with Sloth set to launch on exchanges on April 29th. Interested buyers have less than 6 days to buy this next 100x potential meme coin early. 

    Dogecoin ($DOGE)

    Meme coins will remain high in demand during the altseason and the market leader won’t be left behind.

    Dogecoin has taken a backseat to other newer, shinier meme coins so far. Nevertheless, it remains 78% below its previous all-time high of $0.73 and is widely expected to reach $1 this year. 

    Meaning, that new Doge buyers can still see 7x returns on this relatively safer, large-cap meme coin.

    Dogecoin remains Elon Musk’s favourite cryptocurrency, with the billionaire often calling it “the people’s cryptocurrency”. Elon recently revealed that the meme coin will be accepted as payment for Tesla EVs and supporters believe it to be an important component of his X (previously Twitter) platform. 

    Coinbase Derivatives is also set to launch Dogecoin Futures on April 29th. 

    Dogeverse ($DOGEVERSE)

    The Dogecoin bull rally will spark hype around all things Doge and Dogeverse is one of the meme coins expected to benefit the most from it. 

    Dogeverse brings something unique to the meme coin market – it is the first token set to launch on 6 different blockchain ecosystems. It is already live on Ethereum, Base, Polygon, Avalanche and BNB Chain and will go live on Solana this week. 

    Being a multi-chain meme coin, Dogeverse allows token holders to enjoy the best of all worlds. For instance, they can buy the new meme coin with ETH and immediately stake their holdings to earn passive rewards. The current staking reward rate is 110%.

    Furthermore, just as Solana meme coins have benefited from the SOL price rally, Dogeverse can potentially benefit from 5 different native tokens. 

    Owing to its innovative features, Dogeverse has raised close to $10 million in its presale in just over two weeks. 

    Additionally, popular crypto influencers and YouTubers such as Michael Wrubel are bullish on Dogeverse, with Wrubel claiming to be all in on the new meme coin. 

    XRP ($XRP)

    XRP has been largely sidelined in this bull market, however, experts believe its time will come in the upcoming altseason. 

    Popular crypto trader Captain Faibik recently proclaimed that now is the last chance to buy XRP before it explodes in the coming months. 

    Crypto whales agree with his sentiment. When XRP corrected from $0.62 to $0.41 – largely due to macroeconomic risks and the Israel-Iran conflict – whales accumulated over 31 million XRP tokens in just the past week. 

    As such, XRP remains 83% below its previous all-time high. If it only reaches its previous peak, new buyers can still see over 6x returns on their investment. However as it is with other large-cap altcoins, the token is expected to significantly surpass its ATH.

    XRP is also one of the best cryptocurrency to buy in light of the upcoming US presidential elections. Its parent company Ripple has already won a landmark case against the SEC when the court ruled that the programmatic XRP sales did not violate the Securities Act. 

    While the Commission could appeal this ruling, the likelihood of it decreases significantly under new SEC leadership, especially in case of a Republican victory. 

    Bitcoin Minetrix ($BTCMTX)

    Experts are backing Bitcoin Minetrix as one of the best crypto to invest in, especially amongst low-cap altcoins. 

    Bitcoin Minetrix is a cloud mining project, designed to make mining rewards accessible to retail investors. The demand for its native token BTCMTX is evident in its presale, having already raised over $13 million. 

    However, the demand will especially skyrocket once Bitcoin starts going parabolic again and the mining industry turns extremely profitable. YouTube trading experts such as OnlineHustleTV see Bitcoin Minetrix potentially delivering up to 100x returns.

    In addition to the token value appreciation, investors can earn BTC mining rewards, simply by staking $BTCMTX tokens. Not to mention, they will receive staking rewards simply for partaking in the process. 

    However, the Bitcoin Minetrix presale is in its final stage and is set to end on April 28th, with the token going live on exchanges on April 30th. 

    Sei ($SEI)

    Smart-money traders believe Sei is one of the best mid-cap crypto to buy for the upcoming altseason. 

    For instance, crypto trader Ameba is straightforward in his Sei price prediction, expecting it to be the top-performing cryptocurrency when BTC finds a local bottom. 

    The thesis is already playing out, with Sei crypto rallying 34% over the past week. 

    The sector-specific Layer-1 blockchain also continues to witness rapid innovation in its ecosystem. Today on Tuesday, the Balancer proposal BIP-590 has officially passed in the Sei ecosystem. 

    Balancer is a top-tier DEX in the crypto space, with over $1 billion in TVL (total value locked). Similarly, Sei has recently partnered with Binance to integrate Binance Pay into its ecosystem.

    Owing to this rapid technological advancement, experts are viewing Sei as an excellent long-term crypto to invest in. 

    Mega Dice ($DICE)

    Mega Dice is one of the top GameFi tokens on Solana and is still available at its discounted presale price of $0.069. The new cryptocurrency has already raised close to $500k in its ICO, signalling strong early interest.

    Popular crypto YouTube channels such as Cryptonews are backing $DICE to be the next 100x GameFi cryptocurrency and for good reason. 


    The Mega Dice platform already has an established global customer base, unlike most new entrants. Over 50,000 players continue to access the platform’s 4000+ games and sports, resulting in over $50 million worth of monthly wagering volume. 

    Considering the advantages offered by Dice – such as daily rewards to holders and staking rewards – the token is expected to see sustained buying pressure. 

    The platform has also launched a $2.25 million airdrop for Mega Dice players, set to be organized in 3 seasons. To be eligible in the first season, players need to have a wager volume of over $5000 in just 21 days. 


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