AllianceBlock Rebrands as Nexera Foundation to Accelerate Financial Tokenization

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    Blockchain infrastructure platform for asset tokenization, AllianceBlock, has announced a rebrand and a new vision for open finance. The move will see AllianceBlock reborn as Nexera Foundation and launch Nexera Finance as the vehicle with which to accelerate adoption of asset tokenization. The focus of Nexera Finance will be on developing enterprise use cases that will make it easier for businesses to tokenize and trade diverse assets.

    Nexera Foundation Comes to Life

    Building upon the goodwill and reputation accrued in its years as AllianceBlock, Nexera Foundation will pursue a mandate to realize tokenization of TradFi assets and to bring as much of their market value as possible onchain. Revitalized and complemented by the creation of Nexera Finance, the Nexera Foundation team will spearhead the tokenization of assets that are more synonymous with Wall Street than DeFi.

    The Nexera Foundation team is confident that its existing technical pedigree and vast network make it primely positioned to facilitate the tokenization of assets such as stocks, commodities, and bonds. Think real-world assets, whose representation onchain opens up new possibilities for fractionalization, collateralization, and for services synonymous with DeFi such as lending and stablecoin issuance.

    A key component of bringing the lucrative market for RWAs onchain of course is compliance, and here the newly created Nexera Foundation believes it has the tools to succeed. Nexera Finance will be the entity tasked with assembling the nuts and bolts that such an undertaking entails, leaving the Foundation to oversee strategy and roadmap.

    The Race to Tokenize Trillions

    It’s no secret that the projects that succeed in implementing RWA tokenization, onboarding institutions and their liquidity at scale, will be richly rewarded for their endeavors. It’s been estimated that 10% of all global wealth will be tokenized by 2030, representing a $50 trillion onchain market that will dwarf anything currently locked into DeFi. Nexera Foundation aims to ride this wave by providing the infrastructure necessary for asset tokenization to flourish.

    While bridging the gap between traditional finance and decentralized finance is its primary goal, Nexera Foundation will undertake other missions too such as encouraging community participation in the Nexera DAO and increasing the utility of the NXRA token.

    The rebrand as Nexera Foundation may seem radical, but it’s more of an adjustment than a pivot since it builds upon the work AllianceBlock has undertaken over the last five years. The sort of developer-friendly tools that have been created will be put to good use with Nexera Foundation, while the likes of self-sovereign identity solution Nexera ID will be expanded. It’s a prime example of the suitability of decentralized technology to be married with tokenized finance, allowing businesses to offer financial services onchain without being burdened by data retention obligations.

    The convergence of TradFi and DeFi presents opportunities to projects shrewd enough to supply the picks and shovels that are making this financial revolution possible. Nexera Foundation is on course to facilitate this, aided by a renewed mandate and the reward of making asset tokenization a multi-trillion dollar market.

    Disclaimer: This article is provided for informational purposes only. It is not offered or intended to be used as legal, tax, investment, financial, or other advice.

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