5 Best Tools for Project Managers to enhance productivity 2024

    Spreadsheets and sticky notes are no longer sufficient for effective project management in today’s ever-changing environment. What project management actually needs are the best tools for project managers that help them increase productivity to the prime. These resources include both strong collaboration platforms as well as user-friendly task management applications. Let’s explore! In this article, we will explore the best resources that enable project managers to optimize processes and skillfully handle project issues.

    What are project management tools?

    Software programs known as project management tools are made to help project managers plan, organize, monitor, and oversee projects in an efficient manner. With the use of these tools, teams are more effectively able to accomplish project goals, enhance communication, and streamline workflows. Some of the capabilities these tools offer are task scheduling, resource allocation, collaboration, and reporting.

    Top 5 best tools for project management tools

    1. Jira


      Jira is the tracker used by teams to plan and create excellent products. It is the tool of choice for thousands of teams to assign tasks, track team activities, and record and manage issues. JIRA facilitates teamwork by enabling you to complete tasks at your desk or on the road with the new mobile interface.

      Jira Features

      • Users can create tickets for bugs, subtasks, development stories, epics, etc.
      • It has all different types of charts, such as burndown charts, which help organizations track down progress.
      • The platform is easy to implement and integrate with existing systems.
      • Scrum boards in Jira assist agile teams in breaking down huge, complicated projects into smaller, more manageable tasks so that productive teams may be able to complete tasks in shorter sprints.
      • You can create your own filters and make the query for your own customized dashboard for your needs.

      Jira Pricing

      The pricing for the platform starts at $20 per month.

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      2. Productboard


        Productboard is a project management tool that facilitates identifying customer needs, setting priorities for future development, and bringing team members together around the roadmap to help product teams deliver the right solutions to market more quickly.

        Productboard Features

        • Productboard has an amazing feedback feature that helps you see what customers think of your product.
        • You can do the tagging, define severity, and create custom status.
        • It is very intuitive in terms of understanding what is under development and what is living in customer accounts.
        • Its impressive roadmap visualization and seamless integration with third-party tools position it as a standout in the realm of product management.

        Productboard Pricing

        Productboard is available for free with limited features. The pricing for the platform starts at $19 per month.

        3. Trello


          No matter the size of the company, emails, spreadsheets, and constant notifications are the main obstacles to effective teamwork that today’s teams must overcome. Project assignments, tasks, and daily to-do lists disappear, openness is compromised, and productivity is lost in the confusion. Trello is the solution for all.

          Trello Features

          • The collaboration on the projects is all done in real time, allowing you to be up to date when making some changes.
          • It has a mobile application, which proves to be a very useful feature.
          • It allows you to create lists, assign tasks, share files, and even create the route and monitoring of your projects.
          • It has a good portfolio of plugins with which to add extra functions such as chat, email, and importing documents from Google Drive.

          Trello Pricing

          The platform is available for free. Other pricing plans for the platform start at $5 per month.

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          4. Figma


            Figma is a collaborative design tool for teams building goods. Figma was developed for the web and aids with the faster creation, testing, and delivery of better designs by the entire product team.

            Figma Features

            • Figma provides you with thousands of plugins and widgets and a huge community for every user’s problems and issues. You can integrate a lot of services through plugins.
            • Figma’s real-time collaboration and cross-platform compatibility features are worth noticing.
            • It has built-in animation templates, so you can animate anything and build a real-time prototype that just looks like an app.

            Figma Pricing

            The platform’s starter plan is available for free. Other plans for the platform start at $12 per month.

            5. Asana


              Asana is a fantastic tool for creating project schedules and assigning accountability to partners that work across functional boundaries. When working on projects with numerous moving components, it is now easier than ever to provide individuals with an overview of what is expected of them thanks to Asana’s task-based functionality and the ability to create to-do lists for accountable parties.

              Asana Features

              • The platform is easy to use and implement, and onboarding it as a new user or the roll-out lead is pretty simple.
              • It provides you with multiple animations when completing tasks, which break the monotony of a work day.
              • Its easy customization, availability of a vast library, and extremely helpful customer support are all plus points.

              Asana Pricing

              The platform is available for free, with its other pricing plans starting at $10.99 per month.

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              As we come to the end of our investigation of the top project management tools, it is clear that having the appropriate resources may have a significant impact on the outcome of a project. Project managers need to closely analyze their needs and align them with the most appropriate tool. This tool would then aid in the optimal utilization of the resources available to them and boost efficiency. To maintain your competitive edge in today’s market and to continuously improve your project management techniques, keep up with the latest developments in technology.

              Frequently Asked Questions

              What are the top two freely available project management tools?

              Trello and Productboard are two widely used, freely available software tools that have excellent customer support, impressive roadmap visualization, and a good portfolio of plugins.

              What are the various steps involved in project management?

              The first step that goes into project management is defining the project’s purpose and scope. Following this, realistic goals are set, and a roadmap to achieve those goals is created. Further ahead, the plans are implemented in accordance with the goal, and these goals are closely monitored. Finally, the project gets wrapped up once it is completed successfully.

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