12 Best Free Sports Streaming Sites

    In today’s digital age, sports enthusiasts have numerous options to watch live sports online for free. In this blog, we have compiled a list of the 12 best free sports streaming sites that offer high-quality sports content from around the world.


    12 Best Free Sports Streaming Sites

    ESPN: 1st Free Sports Streaming Site

    • The official WatchESPN website has a huge selection of live-streaming videos, and ESPN is one of the most well-known brands in cable sports. 
    • This sports streaming website lets you read articles, view video commentary and team rankings, and do much more.
    • You can view a variety of sports, including MMA, NASCAR, esports, UFC Fight Nights, football, basketball, baseball, college sports, hockey, golf, and tennis.
    • All of ESPN’s content is available for a free 7-day trial before you must pay the $11.99 monthly charge.
    • However, ESPN Plus doesn’t broadcast live NFL or NBA games, and despite having an impressively large library of original programming, it can be challenging to browse.
    Espn: 1St Free Sports Streaming Site
    ESPN: 1st Free Sports Streaming Site

    Hotstar: 2nd Free Sports Streaming Site

    • The website offers a wide variety of kid-friendly Disney Channel episodes and sports content, making it appealing to parents and children.
    • Football, badminton, Formula 1, cricket, and e-Sports are among their most popular sports. 
    • You may stream movies without having to bother creating an account because it is free and hassle-free.
    • Since there are no advertisements or banners on the page, the website has a polished appearance and is pleasing to the eye. 
    • Further, the website is easy for binge-watchers because of its clear design.
    • Only users in India, Canada, and the US can access the website. However, you may access it from anywhere in the globe using a VPN server.

    Sony Liv: 3rd Free Sports Streaming Site

    • Exclusive to India; therefore, if you live elsewhere, be ready to use a VPN. A Sony subsidiary with headquarters in Mumbai, India, owns SonyLIV.
    • The SonyLIV sports streaming service, Sony LIV Sports, debuted in 2014. Users may watch cricket, soccer, Wrestling, Grand Prix racing, and other sporting events live on LIV Sports.
    • In India, the service airs UEFA Champions League and Europa League matches. Streamers also have exclusive access to match stats, timetables, and analysis.
    • It is renowned for its leading graphics and captivating live sports videos, as well as for its original movies, TV programs, and other content.
    • It’s an excellent website that doesn’t have pop-up ads or other distractions, so you can concentrate on watching your game or watching movies. 
    Sony LivSony Liv
    Sony Liv

    Sportsurge: 4th Free Sports Streaming Site

    • Basketball, baseball, and American football were the only three American sports that could be streamed when Sportsurge initially launched. 
    • That has changed since then. Currently, viewers may stream various sports activities like racing, UFC, soccer, and ice hockey.
    • Sportsurge does not exactly have the largest selection of sports streaming media. 
    • This free sports streaming website’s sleek yet straightforward design will delight visitors. 
    • Sportsurge’s main page has a contemporary dark mode design with sizable icons for each of its sports. The website has a premium appearance thanks to its design.
    • Furthermore, unique is Sportsurge’s ad-free website navigation experience. There are no bothersome pop-up advertisements.
    ≪Strong≫12 Best Free Sports Streaming Sites≪/Strong≫≪Strong≫12 Best Free Sports Streaming Sites≪/Strong≫

    CricHD: 5th Free Sports Streaming Site

    • The bulk of cricket matches can be streamed live on CricHD.
    • You can also watch a wide variety of other sports here. Sports, including basketball, baseball, rugby, American football, cycling, boxing, volleyball, and professional wrestling, are all available for free streaming on CricHD.
    • You may view event schedules, matchups, league standings, and match statistics on CricHD for a more comprehensive and immersive experience.
    • The website has a chat window where users can converse with other streams.
    • Furthermore, there are numerous sports IPTV channels available as well. All of these channels are available for continuous real-time streaming.
    • A list of upcoming live streams, their start timings, stream links, and the status of the events take up the majority of the screen.
    • Besides the IPTV channels, the various sports categories are presented vertically on the side. A convenient search box makes it simple to look up events.

    FootyBite: 6th Free Sports Streaming Site

    • Another great free live sports streaming website is Footybite, as its name suggests, focuses mainly on international football or soccer in America.
    • Fans who favor lower-level leagues like Croatia or Ukraine and watch games in the top divisions like England and Spain are covered.
    • Footybite focuses on more than just soccer. Fans of various sports, including ice hockey, professional wrestling, pool, volleyball, and basketball, can locate working live streams to watch their preferred games online.
    • Additionally, Footybite offers live Video streaming for its users.
    • Footybite offers free live sports viewing and lives TV and a section devoted to sports news.
    • In actuality, soccer is the only topic of news here. There is little possibility that Footybite will replace your current go-to source for the most recent sports headlines because the news page is not frequently updated.
    • Footybite is loaded with obnoxious pop-up advertisements despite its understated design, so I strongly advise using a VPN or, at the very least, an ad blocker.

    Fox Sports Go: 7th Free Sports Streaming Site

    • Fox Go is a well-designed website with a selection of networks for you to choose from. View the game’s replays or live highlights on the website.
    • The homepage is free of intrusive ads, giving you a clean, uncluttered web design. 
    • To stay up to date on sports activities, you can watch live matches on the homepage.
    • You can view programs produced by FOX Sports on FS1 and FS2, Big Ten Network, and FOX Soccer Plus, among other platforms. It takes little time to figure out how to use the website; anyone can do it.
    • If you need to see the top highlights quickly, you can select the highlights button, which will take you to a page with the fastest highlights.
    • Additionally, you can download the Fox Go app for quicker and simpler access, which makes it 3X more convenient when using a handheld device.
    • You must register on such a paid website using your TV provider’s login information. Registration is finished in just a couple of minutes.
    • After that, you can watch without interruption while ad-free.
    Fox Sports GoFox Sports Go
    Fox Sports Go

    Stream2Watch: 8th Free Sports Streaming Site

    • An IPTV website called Stream2Watch provides comprehensive live sports, leisure, and news coverage. 
    • You can watch all types of sporting events, including combat sports, American football, softball, tennis, ice hockey, and soccer, for free on this streaming website.
    • In addition to providing access to many well-known TV networks, Stream2Watch also offers live sports streaming.
    • You can also stream a range of news, entertainment, and documentary TV channels using Stream2Watch. On Stream2Watch, hundreds of channels are accessible for streaming. 
    • Along with start times and streaming links, upcoming live-stream activities are also mentioned. For convenience, the home tab features popular sports categories.
    • Use the tabs with the corresponding labels to browse other sports categories or view live TV.
    • Not all sporting activities are available for HD streaming on Stream2Watch.

    CrackStreams: 9th Free Sports Streaming Site

    • One of the most well-liked and effective free sports broadcasting websites is crackstreams. 
    • Due to its prominence, the website has been taken down numerous times, and a number of mirror sites have appeared in its place.
    • A live sports streaming website called Crackstreams offers free, round-the-clock live TV viewing services. 
    • The website offers live streams for a wide range of sporting events, including American football, soccer, baseball, basketball, boxing, ice hockey, MMA, and several racing activities.
    • There are plenty of choices available for live TV.
    • As usual, it’s advised to first establish a VPN connection before viewing the Crackstreams website.
    • Every month, more than 1.2 million people browse the website. You, too, can join them by watching athletics online.

    VIPLeague: 10th Free Sports Streaming Site

    • Although the name might sound intimidating, VIPLeague is a free website where you can watch your preferred sports in real-time.
    • However, it does offer a clear, user-friendly interface that lives up to its name. You can watch more than twenty activities on the website’s home page.
    • It provides many sports, including football, golf, tennis, boxing, and wrestling. The absence of ads or marketing banners on the website is a pleasant touch from the VIPLeague creators. 
    • Videos appear reasonably quickly on mobile devices and more slowly on desktop computers.
    • The only drawback to VIPLeague is that many ISPs have it blocked in some nations, but this is something that a free VPN service can only solve.
    • Additionally, you have the choice of changing the website’s layout. It’s a cute little feature that gives users a more individualized experience because no other free sports live websites provide it. 
    • VIPLeague, one of the top sports broadcasting websites on the internet, is accessible in seven different languages.
    • Its advertisement features sports from every category, such as basketball, football, and softball.
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    Live TV: 11th Free Sports Streaming Site

    • An extensive selection of live sports streams, sports videos, live scores, and results are available on the streaming app Live TV.
    • This could be your answer if you’re seeking streaming that shows popular sports.
    • Users from all over the world can access and stream events like boxing, American football, racing, baseball, rugby, ice hockey, basketball, tennis, and volleyball on Live TV. 
    • However, it advises users to use the Puffin browser on their smartphones for a more streamlined experience. This would enable consumers to stream live sports without experiencing any lag.
    • You can even watch less popular events like handball and winter sports.
    • Although there won’t be any online Nigerian soccer league matches, there will probably be active streams for other big sporting events.
    • Live TV also ensures you access the most recent live scores and results.
    • Moreover, among the free streaming websites, Live TV has one of the largest user bases.
    • It has a simple, useful interface and supports nearly 5 different languages.
    Live TvLive Tv
    Live TV

    NFL Webcast: 12th Free Sports Streaming Site

    • NFL WebCast for its round-the-clock broadcasting service that entertains sports fans.
    • Due to its user-friendly framework, it is a well-known website that many sports-minded individuals have bookmarked on their devices.
    • There are no banner ads or other forms of advertising on the homepage, making browsing simple and giving you a clean appearance.
    • The homepage of NFL WebCast features live matches for your ease, making it the ideal website for sports enthusiasts.
    • You only need to click to start viewing a live NFL WebCast game. Watch the most well-liked sports networks in the world, such as CBS, Fox Sky Sports, and ESP.
    • You can view Super Bowl and other preseason games for free on the website. With no or little lag, stream on your PC or smartphone.
    • All queries regarding playing issues are addressed by downloading its Chrome extension, which is comparatively easy. This implies viewing your preferred sport on your desktop and smartphone.
    • The secure navigation system NFL Stream uses makes locating your preferred game simpler. Choose this website to appreciate both international and local content.
    Nfl WebcastNfl Webcast
    NFL Webcast


    The top 12 free sports viewing websites are listed below, enabling you to stop paying for cable TV. They include both legitimate and unofficial sports streaming websites, but a common feature of many of these live sports streaming websites is that they let you watch almost any kind of live sporting event.

    In addition, you can view US and UK-based series on some websites without a subscription. Finding a website that meets your needs and is appropriate takes effort.

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    How can I stream live sports for free?

    Pick any of the following sports streaming websites from the list above:
    Sony Liv 

    Are free sports streaming sites safe?

    There are many illegal spofacerts streaming websites available. Thus, we strongly advise exercising caution, using a VPN, and leaving any sites, you believe to be unlawful or harmful immediately. Almost all legal websites provide free trial periods even though most are substantially ad-supported or demand a fee. Please be sure that everything you are considering streaming is lawful.

    Do you need a VPN for free sports streaming sites?

    Yes. If using these free sports streaming services, a VPN is essential. You will be guarded against website operators, hackers, and your ISP by doing this and hiding your streaming activity.

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