10 Best AP Automation Software 2024

    A transaction is a brief trip that you take with your merchant or supplier. There are occasions when different problems may arise that make it difficult for you to make payments to your vendor from the company’s account. Even in the case where everything goes seamlessly, manually tracking transactions and managing a large number of invoices is tedious and time-consuming, and human mistake is an ongoing possibility. However, by using Account Payable (AP) technologies to automate your company’s payable process, you can better plan and monitor every transaction, ensuring that you never forget to say “thank you” to the customer. In this article we’ll dig deeper on the topic ‘10 Best AP Automation Software In 2024’ and will get more insights to it. 

    What is Accounts Payable automation?

    Automation of Accounts Payable (AP) is a technology solution intended to streamline and simplify the procedures involved in handling bills and invoices for a business. Utilizing cutting-edge technology like Optical Character Recognition (OCR), it automates the process of retrieving data from invoices, minimizing inaccuracies and the need for manual data entry.

    The computerized routing and acceptance of invoices throughout an organization is made easier by AP automation solutions, which guarantee that the appropriate parties examine and authorize payments on time.

    In addition to document management, analytics, and reporting, AP automation delivers insights into financial KPIs and spending trends. Through the implementation of process optimization, compliance enforcement, and cost reductions, AP automation elevates the accounts payable function to a more strategic and efficient aspect of financial management. It helps companies make more intelligent choices, handle their vendors more effectively, and process transactions with greater speed.

    Best AP Automation Software

    There are multiple AP automation services available in the market available for use and choosing the right one among them is a tedious task. 

    Let’s examine our carefully chosen ranking of the top 10 Accounts Payable Software for 2024:

    1. Stampli 

    Best Ap Automation SoftwareBest Ap Automation Software

    Streamlining the accounts payable process and managing invoices are the main objectives of Stampli, an accounts payable (AP) automation software. Stampli offers credit card processing and connected payments for automated accounts payable.

    The company was established in 2015 and is perfect for businesses looking to handle invoices more effectively without having to modify their current AP procedures or restructure their ERP. Businesses with intricate multi-entity corporate arrangements are a great fit for them.

    For total visibility and control, Stampli consolidates all of the AP-related procedures, documentation, and communication into one location. Because Billy the BotTM automates almost all of the extraction, coding, routing, fraud detection, and other manual duties, it’s easy for users to understand and even easier to use.

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    2. PaperSave AP Automation 

    10 Best Ap Automation Software10 Best Ap Automation Software

    PaperSave is an easy-to-use AP automation solution that streamlines corporate processes through electronic workflows and focuses on making document capture simpler. To automate Purchase Order and non-PO/AP Transactions, it interfaces effortlessly with industry-leading ERP solutions including Dynamics 365 Business Central, Blackbaud’s Financial Edge NXT, Intacct, and Microsoft Dynamics GP and SL.

    Whether you want to fax or email invoices, PaperSave makes it very easy to record them in any format you want. With the help of an intelligent OCR engine, the tool can reliably extract data and scan new invoice formats instantly.

    Additionally, it has the ability to automatically index the data in your papers, making it simpler to retrieve them when needed. One of PaperSave’s most appealing features is its cloud deployment capability, which enables workers to safely access papers even while they are not in the office.

    3. Docusumo

    10 Best Ap Automation Software10 Best Ap Automation Software

    Docsumo is an intelligent document processing tool that, without the need for human setup, enables users to rapidly extract data from any document, regardless of its structure or style. The software is remarkably efficient in precisely capturing data from a variety of invoices.

    It provides customers with an Invoice Capture API that is already trained and allows more flexibility, making it possible for users to collect data easily even without specialized training. Users may quickly feed the captured data into their system or any.

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    4. DOKKA

    10 Best Ap Automation Software10 Best Ap Automation Software

    One product that makes it to our list is DOKKA, which processes, records, and publishes invoices and accounts payable procedures very quickly. When implemented, DOKKA has the ability to collect and handle bills from various sources. Regardless of the layout or language being used, DOKKA can quickly capture invoice data because it makes use of AI algorithms.

    We also appreciate how easy it is to set up and customize DOKKA. The DOKKA team delivers you the support required for a flawless deployment and setup, if needed. Additionally, DOKKA seamlessly interacts with the majority of widely used ERPs, making accounts payable management as simple as possible.

    5. Nanonets

    10 Best Ap Automation Software10 Best Ap Automation Software

    All customer workflows and processes related to accounts payable can be automated using Nanonets. Make the AP workforce a catalyst for productivity and expansion. It transforms any unorganized purchase orders, invoices, or receipts into useful information that is structured – Nanonets is totally template-independent.

    Customers can use accounting email inbox, RPA, ERP, API, Dropbox, Google Drive, or any other cloud storage service to upload invoices as PDFs or scanned photos. Set up rule-based conditions and validations, reconcile and match invoices. The software also allows the transfer of the gathered data to the accounting software, ERP system, or business tools of your choice. 

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    6. Melio

    10 Best Ap Automation Software10 Best Ap Automation Software

    Melio is a basic but incredibly helpful accounts payable software. There are no costs associated with using the software to join up, sending checks, or to renew monthly subscriptions. Additionally, it enables free bank transfer payments. Furthermore, there are no fees associated with adding an infinite number of users to a single account. Users may feel confident knowing that Melio complies with PCI DSS and protects all customer data to the highest standard.

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    7. Helcim

    10 Best Ap Automation Software10 Best Ap Automation Software

    Users receive a comprehensive platform for the payment process and merchant services with Helcim. It is supported by multiple abilities. It can be utilized, for example, as a merchant platform that takes credit and debit card payments.

    Additionally, it includes a mobile app that lets you take payments while on the road. Android and iOS smartphones can download the mobile app. Using a virtual terminal, the platform also enables you to charge customers online.

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    8. Payhawk

    10 Best Ap Automation Software10 Best Ap Automation Software

    Payhawks provides you with software that tracks costs and transactions in real time. The platform provides you with actionable insights that can be used to plan and forecast. The reports you receive can be readily shared with team members and stakeholders.

    Whether an individual or a team leader, the platform gives each budget owner greater control over their budget. You can set up budget management for each cost center and track your payments and expenses in real time against them. You may set spending limits, quickly design approval channels and spending regulations, and take actions based on clear, complete data.

    9. Tipalti

    10 Best Ap Automation Software10 Best Ap Automation Software

    Tipalti distinguishes itself from other similar solutions by offering a cloud-based solution for automating accounts payable.

    Aside from the aforementioned differentiation, it includes various intuitive features that are required for a competitive AP automation application. The tool provides an end-to-end payment solution that is excellent for small businesses looking for expansion.

    It provides its users with a variety of advanced capabilities such as invoice automation, automatic approval workflows, and self-service supplier onboarding to help them manage accounts payable efficiently.

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    10. Basware

    10 Best Ap Automation Software10 Best Ap Automation Software

    Basware, the erstwhile Verian, provides organizations with the accounts payable automation solutions that they have come to expect. It is a program that allows you to capture invoices online, regardless of the format in which they arrive from vendors.

    It is also a tool for automating the full billing process, including workflows and matching.

    The software supports invoices in over 70 electronic formats and is compliant with VAT regulations in over 50 countries. The software is easy to use and provides you with all of the invoice information you need. This is critical to enabling you to make strategic decisions based on accurate invoice data.


    Keeping track of an organization’s outstanding debts is critical to building its reputation and propelling it to new levels. That is why a company’s accounts payable must be managed successfully and efficiently. Because managing accounts payable can be burdensome and onerous, using an account payable automation solution is unquestionably a better option.

    All of the products listed above have earned their spot on this list due to their comprehensive UI, impressive features, and industry-leading reputation.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Why invest in AP automation software?

    It saves time and costs, improves accuracy, enhances efficiency, ensures compliance, and provides better visibility into AP processes.

    How to choose the best AP automation software?

    Consider specific needs, budget, user-friendliness, customer support, reviews, trial periods, and references.

    What are workflows in AP automation?

    Workflows in AP automation systems ensure invoice correctness prior to clearing. The optimal AP automation technology performs this otherwise hard operation electronically, saving valuable time.

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